Street Advertising vs. Street Art

treppe-4William Shakespeare noted that “all the world’s a stage, and the men and women are merely players.” But looking at this idea from a visual perspective, we could just as easily say that all the world’s a canvas, and every surface brings an opportunity to communicate a message. In this sense there is little difference between art and advertising, except that advertising normally aims to sell a product as well as an idea.

The best examples of advertising tends to bring a little art into the mix, making the message visually pleasing and encouraging prospective customers to look just a little bit longer.

Asphalt Art aims to be effective from both an advertising and artistic standpoint. The first step in achieving this is to produce a quality graphic that is easy to use and that withstands wear. Since these graphics are on streets, sidewalks, and floors, it is necessary that they be durable as people are literally walking all over them. Asphalt Art confronts this wear by using a foil based product that is both durable and easy to use. With this technology, graphic artists, ad agencies, and professional printers are able to bring their vibrant creations to a variety of surfaces including, cement, streets, stone, concrete, sidewalks, and stairs.

More and more Asphalt Art is becoming the product of choice because of its ease of use. Most comparable products require a separate anti slip coating. With Asphalt Art the entire graphic is printed on a UV-curable material that applies easily to the surface of choice, while exceeding slip resistant requirements set by OSHA.

When comparing street advertising that uses Asphalt Art and typical street art, the advertising carries a distinct advantage because it does not fade quickly. It is known to last on surfaces for as much as a full year, while their competitors’ products only survives pedestrian and vehicle traffic for three months.

Asphalt Art’s products are also safe and easy to use on the surfaces where they are applied. They not only stay where they are put for longer, but they can be applied and removed much easier.

Today, advertising stands up to a lot of resistance, and it is important that the industry use the best resources available to make a lasting impact. Asphalt Art carries an extensive product line suitable for a variety of purposes. Contact Asphalt Art today to see which are best suited for your company’s needs.


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