Stairway to Heaven (A.K.A. YOUR Business)

And here you thought that “Stairway to Heaven” was nothing more than a Led Zeppelin song. The stairway can also be a heavenly way to grow your business’ brand and, ideally, its profits.

We’re not talking about 70s rock legends; we’re talking about floor graphics – as in advertising and promotional materials. Applications of floor graphics don’t just include sidewalks, field turf, parking lots and retail stores; they also include stairs.

Yes, stairs.

Allow us to explain: While most businesses invest their marketing dollars in print, online, TV and radio advertisements, there are many other innovative ways to promote your business. One effective means is through floor advertising; such as that offered by Asphalt Art. Unlike the print industry, advertisements don’t get looked at and tossed into the recycling bin, but seen over and over by potential customers for months. Asphalt Art floor graphics are slip resistant, available to be installed in virtually all indoor and outdoor settings, easy to apply, high-quality to boot, and take up to a year of heavy foot traffic and/or car traffic before dulling. (To put this latter point into perspective, most floor graphic company logos fade within a few months.)

And yes, as this blog title implies, floor graphics can be installed on just about any surface, including stairs. So when consumers are hiking up the stairs to get wherever they need to go, they’re being exposed to your company and/or your product. People don’t necessarily associate stairways with advertising; so seeing something on staircases, or anywhere else an ad is typically not located, generates the “wow” factor that more conventional advertisements may lack.

For more information on Asphalt Art, floor graphic applications and why placing ads on staircases in your market could grow your business, contact us today and see yourself on the “stairway to (business) heaven.”

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