Social Distancing Marking Tape Applications for Retailers - 2022


Social Distancing Marking Tape Applications for Retailers - 2022

As USA reporting its highest average daily Covid-19 cases, make sure your retail storefront does its part to reduce the spread. There are several ways to apply social distancing signs and marking tapes throughout the store.


Entrance Signage

Let people know before they enter the store any important information. Posting signage directly on door fronts is preferred. This signage should inform customers of your safety commitment and adherence to local regulations. It also serves as an essential reminder for everyone to maintain a safe distance.


Aisles and Walkways

As people shop the store, offers guidance on maintaining proper distancing. Floor signage showing either with one-ways in aisles or social distance markers give people great visuals. Also, consider including social distancing signs along the aisles to remind people to keep a safe distance while shopping.


Checkout and Return Lines

Keeping people safe in lines is one of the biggest concerns this holiday season. Having clear floor signage directing customers to stand in their space offers a great way to keep a safe social distance. Consider bright colors or bold lettering to catch their eye and provide that gentle reminder.


Bathrooms & Employee Backrooms

Don’t forget behind the closed doors. Wall signs posted on mirrors and doors to promote proper hygiene, sanitation, and maximum capacity requirements are encouraged. If you have a breakroom you might also want to post floor signage to promote social distancing.

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