Make Your Building More Green in 2022


Make Your Building More Green in 2022

Building owners listen up! You can make your building more green while saving green with one simple update- your fire safety signage and systems.

What You Need To Know About the “Green” Exit Sign
Photoluminescent technology has been around for decades and is approved to be used to illuminate emergency exit signs and egress systems in the United States, Canada, Europe, and more.


Photoluminescent exit and egress systems use phosphor.

This is important because other zero energy emergency signage can sometimes use the radioactive material, Tritium. Phosphor on the other hand is 100% environmentally friendly, meaning these products can be recycled once their lifespan is over instead of having to be disposed of through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


You can eliminate back-up power sources for emergency exit systems.

Photoluminescent emergency exit signs are self-luminous meaning they illuminate on their own. This means you will no longer need generators or batteries as back-ups during a power outage.


The cost savings are significant.

Energy Star states by replacing 100 LED exit signs with photoluminescent you would have an energy cost savings of a little over $450 a year. Even more, the U.S. Department of Energy says photoluminescent exit signs are the most energy-efficient option available for fire safety signage.

Shop Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signage
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