Innovative Floor Advertising is Effective, and This is Why

Advertising your business does not necessarily mean that you need to use traditional marking strategies. You can use innovative and new strategies to get your name out into the public. Innovative floor advertising is an effective way to stand out from the crowd and bring in new customers.

Human Instinct

A key reason that printed floor graphics are effective is the human instinct to look down at the ground while walking. Even if people usually look forward, up or to the side, they will glance down at some point during their time in a mall, airport or on the sidewalk.

Taking advantage of that quality by placing an ad to draw the eyes downward will help you stand out from other ads. The advertisement is easier to see on the ground when compared to ads that are placed on walls and bright colors on the floor will cause consumers or potential clients to look at your ad.

Beating Commercials

Slip resistant floor advertising is more effective than television commercials. Studies have shown that commercials are not seen nearly as much as business owners might expect. Only 19 percent of television commercials are seen by the target audience. The other 81 percent are overlooked, ignored or never seen because audiences are watching a different channel at the time the commercial airs.

Unlike commercials, which have a high expense and a low return, floor advertisements are seen by a larger audience. A large number of consumers, roughly 70 percent, make purchasing decisions while they are in a shop or shopping center. Out of the 70 percent of consumers who are making choices in the store, roughly 80 percent notice and pay attention to the advertisements on the floor.

Combining Instinct with Effectiveness

Placing your advertisement on the floor of a mall, airport, sidewalk, stadium or any other indoor or outdoor location is an effective way to gain attention. Passersby will naturally glance down when they see a change to the ground they walk on and they notice the ad actively due to that instinct.

When you are looking for a creative and innovative way to advertise your company, Asphalt Art’s floor graphics can provide an alternative to boring commercials and traditional methods. Avoid ineffective marketing strategies and focus on using alternatives that get your name out to the public and garner attention from your target audience with floor advertising.

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