How to Keep Clear Grip Tape Clean


How to Keep Clear Grip Tape Clean

Clear grip tape is an excellent choice for skateboarders when you want to see the top ply of your deck. It can showcase the graphics while still providing a great grip to perform tricks and stay safe.


The performance of clear grip tape is similar to that of the basic black Jessup grip tape many have come to love. It is made of silicon carbide meaning it can stick the tough flips, but it also won’t tear up your shoes after only a couple sessions. It can handle streets, parks, and even some vert skating with ease.


While clear grip tape is not absolutely transparent, you can still clearly see the top of the board coming through. That being said, keeping it clean has been a big topic of conversation on blogs lately, because dirt does show through a lot easier compared to your basic black grip tape. Luckily, cleaning it takes just a couple minutes and for the end result is really worth it.

Before You Clean Clear Grip Tape

Before you get started you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools in front of you. Natural rubber is excellent for cleaning any type of grip tape and gently removing dirt, so make sure to grab some either at a skate shop or on Amazon. Additional supplies for cleaning include:


  • Soft wire brush (brass or steel wire brush)
  • Little cup of water
  • Rag
  • Hairdryer


You’ll also want to make sure you stay away from doing a few things when cleaning clear grip tape. A common method that is being pushed on the Internet is cleaning with Windex and scrubbing with an old toothbrush.




Windex contains solvents. Solvents will lessen the grip of your grip tape, ruining the integrity of the resin that holds it together. The windex will also soak through the grip tape because they all have tiny holes (to prevent air bubbles). Windex soaking into the wood of your board is obviously a big no, no. So stay away from Windex to avoid ruining your grip tape and/or board in the process.


Oh, and wondering about the toothbrush? It’s just not strong enough. You need the strength of a soft wire brush to really get out that ground down dirt.

Cleaning Clear Grip Tape

Now that you have the right tools in front of you and put the Windex away, it really only takes a few steps to clean clear grip tape and get you back up and boarding again. We’re talking 5 minutes or less depending on the amount of dirt built up.


  1. Grab your natural rubber and gently move it in a back and forth motion on the board. This preps the board before going in for a real deep clean. You’ll want to work in small sections at a time to remove the dust and surface debris.
  2. Next, grab your soft wire brush. This will remove the tough ground in dirt, but is still gentle enough to not ruin grip tape and board itself. Use a circular motion and don’t apply too much pressure as you work your way around the entire surface.
  3. Use the rubber once again and wipe away all the dirt you just brought to the surface from Step 2.


If your board is really cake in dirt you’ll need to go through one more step- this is where the water, rag, and blow dryer come in handy. Put a small amount of water on the wire brush and go through Step 2 again. Then using a rag soak up the extra water and follow through with the hair dryer to completely dry off the tape and board. Finish again with the natural rubber to wipe away the excess.

Shop Clear Grip Tape

Gripping over 25 million boards, Jessup Manufacturing has been perfecting the technique of cleaning clear grip tape for decades. We hope you found this article useful for maintaining your clear grip tape.


If you’re looking for quality clear grip tape to outfit your board, Jessup Manufacturing has a great selection of transparent grip tape that provides the traction needed for tough tricks, but without tearing up your shoes.




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