From the Floor to the Door: Floor Advertising Brings Customers through Your Door

Most businesses set aside marketing dollars for print and online advertising; while radio and TV spots are common marketing avenues as well.  One innovative means of marketing that is sure to raise brand awareness and ideally, your profits, is floor graphics. Floor graphics can be placed on just about any indoor or outdoor surface (even staircases) and can last for months.

Here’s a look at five ways this unconventional advertising method can bring customers through your door:

  • Promotions: Take Stanley Tools for example. Years back, they placed 27-inch floor graphics throughout Lowe’s home improvement stores to advertise new Stanley Tools products within that Lowe’s location.  These floor graphics helped Lowe’s shoppers realize this and helped move Stanley Tools products.
  • Attractive: Floors typically aren’t spaces that are utilized for advertising purposes, so people tend to take note of them when they see them; especially if they’re really cool. Die-cut shapes and graphics that “pop” off the floor are especially appealing.
  • From the ground up: People are always on their smartphones. When people are texting, surfing the web or sending e-mail, typically they’re looking down at their phone. This trend allows businesses to get creative with their floor graphic design. For example, incorporating QR codes into advertisements is a great way to cater to the growing Smartphone crowd, as potential customers can just scan the code to access more information related to the advertisement.
  • Maximum exposure: Floor graphics can be placed on just about any indoor or outdoor surface, including stairs. Staircases are an untapped space that can really help expose a brand; as the last thing people expect to see on staircases are logos and graphics. Placing your floor graphics on staircases can be a real eye-opener for consumers; something they’ll surely stop to look at.
  • Versatile: Floor graphics are versatile and can easily be moved to cater to changing consumer habits. Floor graphics can be designed and produced with removable adhesives, allowing the graphic to become mobile or easily removed completely once an event or promotional period is complete.

For more information on how floor graphics can increase your brand awareness and your profits, contact Asphalt Art today. This innovative marketing style could be the perfect addition to take your business to new heights.

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