Floor Decals that Direct Traffic to Your Booth at the Farmer’s Market

floor decalsGaining the attention of the crowd at a farmer’s market is not always simple, especially if your booth is located in an area that is slightly out of the way. Fortunately, it is possible to direct visitors to your booth at the market with floor decals.

What are Floor Decals?

A floor decal is an image or advertisement that is placed on the ground. When customers and visitors to the farmer’s market walk over the decal, the colors cause them to look down and notice the advertisement.

Directing Traffic to Your Booth

By placing the floor decals in strategic areas throughout the farmer’s market, you can advertise your booth and give details about where you are located. The customized decals point visitors in the right direction and gain their attention by having a focused advertisement in an unexpected location.

Visitors to a farmer’s market come prepared to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, but they might not have a specific booth or area in mind for their shopping excursion. By having advertisements in a strategic location on the floor, it is possible to stand out from the crowd and gain a larger number of customers at your booth.

Best Decals for Advertising

When you are advertising on the floor, the best decals are made with long-lasting materials that are easy to apply to the concrete surface of the farmer’s market floor and simple to remove when you are ready to pack up.

When you are placing the decals on the floor, you want materials that are made for indoor and outdoor spaces so that it can withstand UV radiation and unexpected changes in the weather conditions. Decals are also created for slip-resistance, which allows you to safely place the decals in areas with high-traffic so that you redirect those customers to your booth.

Making the most of your time at the local farmer’s market is simple: direct traffic to your booth with the help of impactful floor decals. Advertise the produce or product you are selling and the great prices that you offer. Make use of under-utilized floor space with graphics and messages that catch the eye. If you want to learn more about floor decals, then contact Asphalt Art.

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