Effects of the Top 4 Subliminal Messages in Advertising

If you suddenly feel happy glancing at the Amazon.com logo or ready to zoom forward when you spy a FedEx truck, your feelings are not an accident. Subliminal messages in advertising are a popular practice due to how they look and, more importantly, for what they make you do. We collected our four favorite subliminal messages in advertising, noting the brand as well as what action the logo aims to make you take.


subliminal messages in marketing wendys


Why do you suddenly feel family-oriented when you glance at updated illustration of Wendy? Well, her image comes with the word “Mom” neatly nestled in her blouse collar.Action: Think of cozy, home-cooked meals.


Action: Think of forward motion, success.

The FedEx arrow hidden between the “E” and “X” is meant to give you the distinct impression that this successful company will surely deliver your package on time.


Action: Think of huge selection of products and happiness.

Yet another arrow comes into play below the text “Amazon.com.” Take a second to note the arrow forms a smile while it links the letter “A” to the “Z,” indicating a wide selection.

subliminal messages in marketing unilever


Action: Think of all kinds of things related to what company offers (maybe).

At a glance, the Unilever logo make simply look like the letter “U” filled with an eye-catching, creative design. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll see that the design is comprised of many icons, ranging from the sun to pair of lips, ice cream to a double helix that forms DNA.

Each icon represents or is meant to evoke an association with something the brand offers. Two examples are the lips representing beauty and beauty products and the DNA representing the foundation of good health, pointing directly back to Unilever’s lineup of health-oriented items.

While the hidden messages may not be immediately obvious unless you know to look for them, there’s a very good chance folks will take a second glance at any logo that has an attractive design and evokes positive feelings. It also helps to put logos and other marketing materials in delightfully creative locations, such as a storefront sidewalk, parking lot, on a business’s floor or even cascading down a staircase.

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