Creative Outdoor Advertising that Really Stands Out

Drinking coffee with nose on cupFace it, most advertising is almost like the air we breathe, background noise at the most. It’s a reason to hit the mute button on the remote control, check the laundry, and make sure the kids are still tucked in their beds. Getting an advertising message to stand out and have a real impact is a bigger challenge than ever. Advertisers almost need a “secret weapon” in order be heard.

The answer for many is creative outdoor advertising. This goes beyond billboards, which are deeply engraved into familiar territory. It’s advertising on surfaces where ads aren’t necessarily expected, and using three dimensions in order to get passersby to not only appreciate the message, but also the manner in which it is delivered.

Some examples of eye grabbing ads are bus shelters designed to look like a theater lobby or even the inside of an oven with fresh breakfast sandwiches. Another ad features a message spread out over an entire staircase. When these types of ads are done right, they not only have a “made you look” effect on potential customers, but they also make them like what they see and talk about it — creating the most effective advertising of all. Word of mouth.

Once your company’s creative team thinks of one of these brilliant ads, you want to make sure you can experience the full potential of the ad. The right timing is essential. That means the ads need to be able to be put out quickly, and stay as long as they are effective. If the time comes and they are no longer effective, even the most effective ads may need to be removed quickly and replaced with the next big thing. By working with Asphalt Art, you can achieve all these things.

Asphalt Art works with a variety of ad agencies, graphic artists, and printers to create surface advertising that adheres to streets, sidewalks, mall floors, concrete and more. These quality UV curable ads can be applied or removed easily, exceed OSHA safety requirements, and are nonslip without any additional coatings. When desired, these materials can last up to a full year, when comparable materials from competitors will often only last one to three months, while being much more cumbersome to apply and remove.

Today’s advertising needs to be creative in order to be effective. Contact Asphalt Art to see how they can help you achieve your goals.

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