Creative Advertising: Wise Investment, or Fool’s Gold?

Developing an effective advertisement is the goal of every business owner. The problem that you may face is balancing creativity and innovation with effective results. Whether you are trying to find a creative design or you want to use innovative floor advertisements, creativity is a wise investment decision.

Emotional Factor

A key reason that creative ads are effective with potential customers is the emotional element. The advertisement shocks or amuses the audience. It draws out an emotional response. That causes the target audience to pay attention to the ad and remember the name of the brand.


When you have a creative advertisement, the ad will generate a buzz. Your target audience and other consumers will talk about the ad. The more discussion you encourage through the advertisement, the better your profit margin will become. Word-of-mouth is a powerful and effective way to sell your product or services. A creative ad will get consumers talking.

Working with Subtle Suggestion

Shoppers do not always make decisions before going to the store. Many decide in the shop whether they want to buy a product. By using creative and innovative ads, such as floor advertising, you can work with that instinct by subtly suggesting your product to the buyer.

Psychology and Instinct

Creative advertising takes human instinct and psychology into account before developing an effective ad. Since the advertisement is based on human belief systems, natural inclinations and instinct, it draws in the target audience more effectively than dry and boring ads. Depending on the type of ad, the level of psychology involved will vary. In the case of floor advertising, the instinct to look down after seeing a change to the flooring or color is a natural response.

Reaching a Wide Audience

Creativity is necessary to reach a wide audience. Due to word-of-mouth and technological advances, a creative ad is more likely to end up discussed and shown off on social networking websites, blogs and similar online locations. You can reach a wider audience, which results in a greater number of sales.

Developing an effective marketing strategy requires an element of creativity and innovation. If you do not try something new or develop creative ads, then your company is not reaching its full potential. With the combination of Asphalt Art’s floor advertising and a creative design, you can make consumers talk and reap the benefits of innovation in your marketing strategy.

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