Floor Graphics

Promote Productivity and Collaboration with Striking Workspaces

As more companies are adopting an open environment for their offices, many are struggling to grasp how to promote both productivity and collaboration by transforming spaces. Indoor design is essential in setting up a space that is engaging without being distracting; collaborative without being too loud. It’s no easy task achieving a balance of openness and privacy so that both introverts and extroverts can work well within the same space, but one tool that can help is printable wall and floor graphics. Graphics can be used to promote employee engagement, beautify a workspace, and create signage that is informative without being distracting, thereby transforming spaces into places that promote both productivity and collaboration. Here are a few examples of how floor and wall graphics can be used to improve the design of open workspaces:
  1. Boosting moral.
When workers have the opportunity to discuss problems or work on projects while engaging in games and fun, they tend to think more creatively. To that end, floor graphics can be used to demarcate play spaces such as a rec area or an office café. They can also be used to lay down silly games like hopscotch or a giant chess set. Floor and wall graphics can also be used to promote a playful attitude by displaying humorous artwork or seemingly 3D images. For example, we recently saw a floor graphic that transforms the inside of an elevator so that it looked like the floor had fallen out and anyone who stepped into the elevator would fall into a pit of lava below. Such a graphic is rather silly and has no intrinsic business value, but it creates an environment that promotes play and creativity, both of which are good for morale and for business.
  1. Creating a more beautiful space.
Floor and wall graphics are a simple and cost-effective way to completely transform an office space. Consider how much more beautiful your workspace would look if the entire floor was covered with a map of your city or a blown up painting by a famous artist. Along with natural light, comfortable chairs, and a friendly layout, wall and floor art can help create a space that employees are happy to come into every day, helping to boost productivity simply by making your workers more comfortable in their workspace.
  1. Creating unique and effective signage.
Wall and floor graphics can also help improve the layout of your office space by being used for unobtrusive, eye-pleasing signage. For example, floor graphics can be used in place of bathroom signs or directional signs to help point people where they need to go. Floor graphics can also be used to demarcate different types of areas within an open floor plan. For example, one corner of your office might be marked for recreation, whereas the opposite corner might serve as a quiet space where people who need to get individual projects done can concentrate. Floor and wall graphics can also be used to create beautiful signs for private workspaces, conference rooms, or supply rooms. Learn more about the possibilities of transforming your workspace with wall or floor graphics by requesting a free sample pack of print media from Jessup Manufacturing Company, the maker of Asphalt Art.
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What are Catwalk Graphics & How are they Used?

If a business were looking to advertise a product, logo, or brand for an indoor event with the use of floor graphics, then CatWalk indoor floor graphics would be the premium choice to ensure a brilliant and successful advertising campaign. CatWalk floor graphics and advertising designs are a very creative indoor advertising medium designed with non slip materials that ensure those attendees who walk across or on top of the graphic design to not accidentally slip and fall due to a slippery surface. The CatWalk advertising solution is used for both short and medium period applications, which has been determined to be a day long, weekend, week long, and even month long indoor advertising event. The film used to develop the CatWalk consists of a dimensionally stable translucent film, which is textured to provide a slip resistant surface. The reverse of the CatWalk design side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, meaning the force placed on the floor graphic determines its strength of attachment to the surface. The pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied inside any location, and placed on various types of surfaces. The floor graphic ad can be easily removed, no matter when you eventually decide to get rid of the CatWalk graphic, and it is guaranteed to not leave behind any residue, no matter how long you have left it in place.
Naturally, your indoor promotional event will include numerous guests, with plenty of food and beverages available. With beverages comes the potential for accidental spills. The good news is that CatWalk floor graphics offer an extremely secure, slip resistant surface that easily repels liquids and condensation, and is even resistible to chemical solvents. Taking all that has been mentioned into account, a business looking for an advantageous tool to use for promotional purposes at an indoor event will be utilizing a floor graphic advertising component that is extremely durable to foot traffic. In addition, CatWalk graphics can be applied to several different types of surfaces, including tile, marble, concrete, linoleum, porcelain, and even vinyl. The following are specific scenarios and situations where CatWalk graphics have been hugely successful when put into practical use for an indoor promotional event: at the point of purchase or point of sale, at supermarkets and shopping malls, at fast food restaurants, at pharmacies, at museums, inside showers, bathtubs, pools, saunas, and other wet locations and areas. Along with being able to last up to three months in use, other advantages to using CatWalk floor graphics include its applicability to almost any type of wet areas, it is slip resistant, it can be designed either two or three dimensionally, it can be cut with a normal cutting plotter, it does not require specialized lamination, it is treated with anti bacterial substances, and is made of white opaque material. If you're curious how CatWalk grphics will work for you, then request a free sample today!
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Floor Graphics Offer Simple Solution for Point of Sale Advertising

Most of the advertising firms and marketing agencies that have already experienced the advantages and benefits to incorporating floor graphics to its customer’s marketing objectives have glowingly stated how effective floor graphic implementation has been, especially when used for point of sale advertising. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the term ‘point of sale,’ it concerns the use of a tangible marketing strategy that places visual displays within a brick and mortar store near the checkout locations where shoppers usually conduct a search for last second items to purchase. More specifically, advertising firms have lauded floor graphics space saving ability, since the design does not take up any space whatsoever, because it is adhered to the floor, as if it were a painting. In addition, floor graphics are easy to set up – even if you are installing the design the day of the event – and even simpler to remove once the event is over. As it pertains to floor graphics as a strategy for improving point of sale advertising goals, the client would want to place the floor graphics in key locations throughout the store, such as near the cash register or checkout line to catch the shopper’s attention and making that customer seriously consider purchasing the product right before checking out. Floor graphic displays are created using detailed, vibrant images that will make the item on display stand out in such a manner that other image advertising methods cannot duplicate, nor achieve. Asphalt Art creates the necessary printing materials and resources that induces brilliant floor graphic art images, which can be put on display almost anywhere in a brick and mortar store, and can especially help at the point of sale. Just as you might suspect from the name, floor graphics are designed and printed for placement on the floor whether inside or out. However, these designs can also be placed on the walls, stairs and stairwells, and even the ceiling. If you plane to use the floor graphic design outside, be sure to explain where you intend to place the floor graphic before it is printed because specialized paper will need to be used, especially if the outside conditions could be wet or have foot or vehicular traffic throughout the day. As mentioned, floor graphic creations have proven to be an advantageous advertising resource at the point of sale, meaning store and shop owners should expect a splendid return on their investment if they decide to implement the use of floor graphic imagery, especially at the point of sale. If case you have never seen floor graphics on display in person, you should visit the Asphalt Art website, where you can see several examples of floor graphics in use.
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Graphic Printing Companies Should Specialize in Floor Graphics

Graphic printing companies now have a new means to generate revenue, and it is through specializing in floor graphics. Floor graphics, with its myriad image, size, and detail design options, can be quite the tedious process of creating graphics. However, the effort is greatly exceeded by the detail and design of the finished product, as floor graphics are one of the most impressive types of digital graphic images involved in printing. This is why more advertisers and marketing executives, as well as stores and commercial chains, are incorporating the use of floor graphics to promote a certain brand, image, or logo. Over time, graphic printing companies have dealt with a drastic reduction in the need for their services, as more people, due to the reasonable expense of owning their own printing device, have at least one printer in their home or at their place of business. Moreover, household printers are designed to be “all in one” devices, meaning the hardware is not only a printer; it is also a scanner, copier, and fax machine. However, printing floor graphics from a home printer is impossible, meaning that graphic printing companies should investigate floor graphics to generate a higher demand for their services. Our country is currently basking in the digital age of technology. Ignorance involving how digital components work, especially if you are a business that can profit from digital awareness, is an economic blunder. More people are learning to work on software that renders digital imagery; therefore, graphic printing companies should be knowledgeable in the utilization of digital software, as well as printing hardware and the components that print digital images. In addition, these same graphic printing companies need to ensure their business offers all of the necessary components and hardware in-house. Floor graphics is a rapidly growing industry. The ability to assist companies with the designing and printing of floor graphics means an increase in revenue, and it improves customer retention and word of mouth that your graphic printing company is the place to go for creating floor graphics. The business professionals at Asphalt Art USA molded a brilliant business model that includes having the ‘know how,’ along with the necessary equipment and components to render graphic images. Their product line includes a list of various material that can be printed upon and then adhered to numerous surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. Asphalt Art USA is a pioneer in digital renderings of floor graphics, and you can view their impressive work in their image gallery. Asphalt Art is a specialized fabric that can withstand foot traffic, as well as indoor and outdoor locations—even if wet conditions are involved. It is recommended that graphic printing companies seriously consider floor graphics as a method to strengthen its overall operation, and provide floor graphic printing services. As floor graphics continue to grow as a way to advertise and promote products, logos, and brands, graphic printing companies should cater to those businesses desiring digitally rendered floor graphic images.
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A New Idea for your Advertising Plan - Floor Graphics

When you own a business, or enter into a new business, one major component of devising a model of success involves generating new ideas for your advertising plans. A number of advertising and branding scenarios exist that you will need to consider when working toward formulating creative strategies for marketing your business. As it pertains to brick and mortar stores, the notion of successfully advertising your brand is especially important when you have customers in your store who are looking for the right product to purchase. As people visit your store, searching for the ideal product to satisfy their desire, there lies a target audience most businesses fail to take advantage of with appropriate material because they are already in the store, therefore it is often incorrectly assumed they will buy. The people frequenting your store have obviously taken enough interest to visit your establishment, but you should never make the mistake of assuming a transaction will be made before they leave your store. The purpose of sound advertising plans are to create the strongest need or want possible so people will buy your product. One method to enable potential customers to come to this realization is figuring out how unique advertising plans, such as the inclusion of floor graphics, are an effective way to maximize the potential for a possible purchase. If you are a business owner who is considering floor graphics as the new advertising plan for your store, you need to think about a few different scenarios. The first scenario to answer is what products will be the focus of your new advertising plan. Usually, businesses create advertising strategies for products that are new and perhaps part of a current trend in the market. It is also helpful to advertise products that need supplementary materials that can be found in the same isle or location to which the strategically placed floor graphic led the customer. Floor graphics are an excellent way to create buzz in the store for a particular product, as well as a natural direction pointer for people to enthusiastically follow because they are enamored with the detail of the floor image. Keep in mind, before you go out and buy new floor graphics for your new advertising plan, you want to make sure you flesh out your entire advertising strategy. Once an advertising plan is in place, it is time to put the strategy in action. Floor graphics have proven to be one of the most influential marketing strategies today, making for a brilliant advertising plan to implement. People are simply wowed by the ability to create such a vibrant, detailed, and overall impressive floor image that looks realistic. Because of this phenomenon, whatever advertising plan you decide to incorporate for your new marketing strategy, it had better include floor graphics. To learn more about floor graphics, it would be smart to reach out to one of the most popular purveyors of the advertising art form – Asphalt Art. An Asphalt Art professional will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist you with finding a fresh and unique advertising plan that will increase the foot traffic of your business. Get your advertising plan off the ground with floor graphics.
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Are There Different Types of Floor Graphics?

The Different Types of Floor Graphics?

Depending on exactly how you want to apply your floor graphics for you event, such as location, the type of surface, indoor or outdoor, water exposure, etc., will determine the type of floor graphic you should use. The following will provide a summary, taking into account the scenarios listed above, regarding what type of floor graphics you should use based on what you are trying to accomplish. For normal outdoor fare, using Asphalt Art’s patented, aluminum foil with glass bead non-slip coating and adhesive backing would be ideal. This type of floor graphic is excellent for outdoor sidewalk and street graphics on concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers, etc. This floor graphic is designed to handle both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and no lamination, nor heat gun is required. This AsphaltArt floor graphic is highly conformable, and it is easy to install and remove. Asphalt Art’s Sport Walk is a white textured vinyl with adhesive backing for short term outdoor graphics on smooth surfaces. No lamination is required. The Sport Walk floor graphic edition is suitable for pedestrian traffic for up to one week, under moderate temperature ranges. Therefore, depending on how long you want the floor graphic to last, if you are holding a one day or weekend event, Sport Walk will be a terrific option. For something more long term, go for Asphalt Art’s more trademark solution. The Asphalt Art Cat Walk is a white, textured vinyl with removable adhesive for short to medium term indoor graphics, and requires no lamination. This brand of floor graphic is more suitable for wet locations, such as around pools and a pool deck, showers, and saunas. The Cat Walk has a moderate durability time of roughly three months. Very comparable to the Ashpalt Art Cat Walk is the company’s Clear Walk floor graphic. It is made of the same contents and materials as the Cat Walk, however, it is a clear textured vinyl, versus the white textured vinyl. Yet another option from Asphalt Art is the Tex Walk, which is a repositional, white, textured vinyl with fabric backing and adhesive back. Just like the other Asphalt Art floor graphics, the Tex Walk needs no lamination. The Tex Walk is ideal for indoor carpet, painted surfaces, metal surfaces, wood floors, and walls. Depending on where you are placing the Tex Walk floor graphic, it can last for about a month on a floor.

Questions about Floor Graphics

For more information on the many different types of Asphalt Art floor graphics, you can visit our website for a more comprehensive breakdown of all our options, or you can call us to speak to a representative who will be happy to go through the options with you. As you can tell, Asphalt Art provides floor graphics that can cover any type of event, whether it is indoors or outdoors, on wet surfaces or dry surfaces. Do not mess with inferiors providers of floor graphics, go to the best and most trusted source of floor graphics – Jessup Asphalt Art.
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Floor Graphics for Sporting Events

If you have been following this blog religiously, then you will know that the most recent topics of discussion have to do with where floor graphics can be placed, and certain types of events where the use of floor graphics would be extremely advantageous. Out of
all the places where a person or a company could use or place floor graphics, a sporting event could possibly be the most advantageous. If you have ever attended a sporting event, then you will most likely be familiar with the use of floor graphics. Simply recall the last sporting event you attended, and think about the graphics you saw on the floor of the stadium, the court, and the ground on entering the sporting event. These floor graphics are used to promote the team, the affiliated school or professional organization, as well as the sponsors associated with the team. What you might not realize is that these floor graphics are strategically placed to advertise the affiliate and association, to ensure you spend your money on the paraphernalia, along with the food and drinks supplied to the event. And guess what? It works like a charm. Similar to what was described in the previous blogs about the benefits to using floor graphics at amusement parks an in retail stores, floor graphics at a sporting event serve the same purpose – to make sure the patrons attending the sporting event notice an impressive graphic image that makes the individual want to spend money on whatever it is the floor graphic image represents. For example, let us say that you are attending the sporting event of your favorite team, and the organizations has updated the logo or emblem that represents that team. The organization acquires the proprietorship of a floor graphics design company and creates an impressive and aesthetically wondrous image to be displayed throughout the stadium. Patrons loyal to their team are in awe of the graphic design, and want to purchase shirts, emblems, hats, etc. that boast the new logo design. Another example is sponsors of the sporting event using floor graphics to promote their brand. On a hot summer day, while
attending a baseball game, you walk through the stadium and see an awesome floor graphic image that has been strategically placed there by a beverage company that sponsors the team. The magnificent image makes you even more thirsty, and the next moment you find yourself in line at the beverage stand ready to buy the beverage you just saw on the floor of the stadium. The splendid floor graphic display of the beverage at the sporting event is directly responsible for the reason why you are waiting in line to quench that thirst, which was exacerbated by the desire in you incited by the appealing floor graphic. If you are an affiliate or sponsor of a sporting event, help promote your business, along with your team, by using floor graphics. Tests have shown that patrons of events, including sporting events, tend to spend more money at stadiums that incorporate the use of floor graphics. Contact Asphalt Art, and allow their professionals to help you implement floor graphics for your next sporting event.
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How can Floor Graphics help Retailers?

Let us say that you are an avid fisherman and you just walked into a sporting goods store. When you walk in the store, one of the fist images you see is the humungous logo on the floor of the store. Suddenly, you are imagining yourself strolling into a mountain
stream with your favorite fishing rod, joyful that you are going to spend this summer day doing your favorite hobby. Back to reality! You find yourself back in the sporting goods store, and that fisherman’s paradise you just conjured was derived from the printed floor graphic, which probably just led you to your upcoming purchase in the store. Success! … Exclaims the retail store manager. Among the point-of-purchase displays, in-store banners and event promotion materials, as well as the store’s floor graphics, floor graphic companies fulfill much of the retail industry’s marketing needs. Floor graphics have become an excellent complementary to the just mentioned additional marketing applications, with their creative uses and strong branding capabilities. While you may have heard of floor graphics before, have you really considered them for your place of business? Have you thought about the potential your floor has to impress your customers? Floor graphics can be a wonderful way to tap into typically unused spaces in your retail store for a relatively small amount of money. No matter if your indoor floor is made of concrete, wood, or tile, or if you decide to place the floor graphics outside on pavement or asphalt, your empty floor space should be considered a blank canvas that can work to your advantage in promoting your brand and attracting customers. It is human nature to be drawn toward graphically pleasing designs. Therefore, if you are a retailer looking to improve the foot traffic of your store, why not use your floors to catch the attention of your potential customers before they pass on by? Floor graphics have been found to be especially important at the
customers to featured products throughout the store. A recent study conducted by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology gathered data to evaluate the effectiveness of floor graphics with displays. Based on a three-week testing period with floor graphics, then later without floor graphics, researchers found sales of featured products increased over seventeen percent with floor graphics. In addition, consumers who paused for at least eight seconds at the featured product jumped to 280 percent. Over eleven percent of shoppers who purchased from the retail store had not bought the same brand of product during the previous six months. Lastly, the total number of shoppers who stopped in the retail store went up 180 percent. Floor graphic products from Asphalt Art are aesthetically exceptional, sturdy, slip-resistant, and can be installed inside or outside. With custom floor graphics from Asphalt Art, you can quickly boost the environment of your retail business and promote an area of your retail store to improve your sales.
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How Long can Floor Graphics last Indoors?

Previous blogs have been written and posted in this section offering information on floor graphics, how the design process works,
how you can incorporate them in an event, and how to place the artistic image in a specific location in the event arena. It is likely, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of floor graphics, that you have already heard much about its popularity, rave reviews, along with its success when used at events. While floor graphics are indeed superb for social gatherings, what if you need a floor graphic design that has to last a long time, in an indoor setting, for several months, perhaps even a year? Your first concern is the longevity of the floor image, especially because of the wear and tear that might be placed on it, such as foot traffic, the laying of objects on it, and the spillage of liquids and chemicals (floor cleaners). How long will floor graphics last indoors? The first step you probably want to take is to contact companies that provide indoor floor graphics, and ask them how long their digitally comprised images will last under the specific circumstances you provide during the conversation. After you contact all of the providers of digitally rendered indoor floor graphics, and have complied the information to make an accurate comparison, you will analyze the information in front of you. Luckily, Asphalt Art, a premier provider of floor graphics, has already comprised a product comparison sheet that includes all of the types of floor graphics provided by the company, along with information explaining the measured durability of their product designs. When you read the contents of the product comparison sheet, you will notice that whether your company is looking for water proof signage or indoor floor graphics for a sporting event, Asphalt Art offers a wide selection of floor graphic products that will likely satisfy any requirements you have. As it pertains to the longevity of our floor graphics, you will notice, along with a detailed explanation of how the graphic arts designs are designed and created, the expected durability of our product. Regarding indoor floor graphics, if you were to acquire your indoor floor graphic from Asphalt Art, you can expect the product to last as long as one to two years, depending on the type of indoor floor graphic you get and where the item is placed. If you have any questions concerning Asphalt Art’s product comparison page, or if you are still unsure of which kind of product you need from our company, one of our professionals will be happy to navigate any questions or concerns you may have. Explain to us what you want, and the type of event you are having, and we will point you in the right direction for the type of floor art you need. Asphalt Art professionals are happy to assist you in making the best decision possible for your upcoming event.
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Custom Floor Graphics are Great For Indoor Events

Everyone loves a party. You would be hard pressed to find someone who would pass up the chance to attend a social gathering of affluent people, savory food, and free drinks, especially if the event is free of charge. One tends to notice social events filled with fun festivities premiering for promotional events or “release parties,” which is when something new, such as a product or company that has been preceded with a bunch of hype or preordained the next big thing, is about to be released to the general public. Are some of these events over the top? Well, yes, but the eccentricity is the point, and the events are fun to boot. Promotional events are an excellent time for marketers and advertising executives to take advantage of a lot of affluent people in one room and to brand or introduce a new product, company, or individual for a specific purpose. As it pertains to indoor events, a perfect idea would include having some type of graphic art that will visual please and positively stun an audience, leaving a lasting impression.
Why graphic arts for an indoor event? For one, people love to be visually stimulated. When an artist has the proper digital technology that allows him or her to design and create virtually anything, the sky is the limit (in this case, the imagination is the limit). Visual stimulation attracts individuals, and with indoor events, there is not a perfect time or place to release your artistic ability and grab the attention of its attendees. Keep in mind, we are not talking about graphics on a piece of paper to hand out to people; you need to think outside the box, and come up with something fresh and unique. Why not try custom floor graphics, which are great for indoor events. In case you are not familiar with custom floor graphics, it is the art of designing and creating an image with digital technology, then printing the graphic, which can be any size or shape, and finally placing the graphic on the floor of your indoor event. If you want to truly wow the people attending the event, make the graphic incredibly large, and then watch as people crowd around the image and marvel at its detail and vibrancy. If a marketer or advertising executive were to employ this type of promotional strategy, you can bet that those in attendance will surely remember the image for quite some time, which will subsequently cause a stir and create buzz surrounding whatever it is the image portrayed. To learn more about why . Asphalt Art will take your visual marketing strategy to another level, guaranteeing that your custom floor graphic used at your indoor event will quickly become the talk of the town.
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