Anti Slip Safety Tape

What is the Best Anti-Slip Tape for My Application?

From commercial to residential, or even water-worthy, having the correct anti-slip adhesives or treads are extremely important in preventing slip and fall accidents and ensuring the safety of everyone. But with so many choices on the market today, choosing the best type of non-slip flooring product for your application can be confusing. You need to consider several different factors when it comes to choosing your anti-slip flooring solution and, in some cases, you still might find with all the choices out there, you need a customized solution. We are reviewing top application locations, various products and discussing what to look for when choosing your anti-slip tape, tread or adhesive to allow you to navigate all the choices and choose the best one for your needs.
What type of anti-slip material is best for you?

There are three main types of materials that are used to make non-slip products. Depending on the type of activity, location and traffic that space sees, it will help decide what type of material is best suited for your application.


1.   Grit: The word describes exactly what it does. If you need to have a need for high slip-resistance, such as heavy-duty machinery or a military-grade application, then you will want to look at non-slip product made of grit material. Grit tapes and treads are excellent for commercial applications and can be used indoors and outdoors.  

2.   Resilient Vinyl: With a rubberized feel, this textured PVC tape or tread is an excellent choice when you need something strong enough for work shoes, but comfortable enough for bare feet to walk on it. 

3.   Embossed Vinyl: Most commonly seen in bathtub and shower mats, vinyl non-slip products are embossed PVC and non-abrasive. They are designed for both indoor, wet and dry applications and comfortable for bare feet.

Where is your anti-slip application location?

Ladders or Scaffolds: Ladders and scaffolding are two of the top places people are at risk for a slip and fall accident, so it is important to make sure you have the correct anti-slip tread and tape in place whether it is being used for work or at home. Consider if you need to meet specific OSHA requirements, need a mop-friendly tape, will be using the ladder inside or outside, if it will be hit with mud, oil or other product, or even if you will be using it in the dark. From there, you will be able to narrow down your exact product to best suit your application needs.

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Farm Machinery or Construction Equipment: These types of applications require anti-slip tapes and treads that will stand up to both wet and dry environments, along with meeting OSHA standards to provide a durable, consistent, anti-slip surface. You’ll want to ensure your product’s adhesive system is able to aggressively bond and is extremely durable in order to prevent slip and fall accidents on the floors, stairs or ramps - even when hit with oil, diesel fuel or mud.

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Forklifts, Aerial Lifts and Cold Storage Centers: Similar to other machinery and equipment, you will want something that meets OSHA standards and is designed for heavier traffic and tougher environments.

You might even need to consider a product that can easily conform to irregular surfaces like ladder stairs or deeply textured surfaces and has the ability to be stability in both high and low temperature ranges.

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Recreational Vehicles, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Garden Tractors & Lawn Mowers: With these applications you might be looking for an anti-slip tape that is safe for the active movement taking place, certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) or potentially want to consider having a product that is mop-friendly for easy cleaning.

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Factory Floors, Machine Shops, Auto Service Areas, Garages: Potentially being hit with oil, grease, mud or other liquids, these floors and stairs need to be protected with some of the most heavy-duty anti-slip tapes. You’ll want to look for an anti-slip tape that delivers a consistent and long lasting “high-slip resistance” performance under tough conditions in order to ensure it bonds and is durable when you need it the most. In some cases, you will also need tape with caution messaging (such as: Caution, Slippery When Wet, Do Not Enter, Fire Exit, etc.) to provide additional protection from an accident that also meets OSHA guidelines for caution messaging in the workplace.

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Steps, Stairs & Platforms: When it comes to these types of applications, you will want to make sure you choose an adhesive system that will bond to the step and is very durable. Consider if the steps or platform is located inside or outside, what types (if any) of liquids will be present, the amount of traffic and location of steps.

Depending on where the steps are located, you might need to consider having hazard striped message treads to meet certain OSHA requirements. 

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Water Skis, Surfboards, Jet Boards, Boat Skis, Swimming Pools, Pool Accessories & Diving Boards: Anything water related you will want to make sure to have a least a medium grade Resilient product. You might consider a heavy-duty grade to compensate for heavy foot traffic or tougher environments. Resilient products ensure comfort for bare feet, but also are designed for heavy shoe traffic.

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Bathrooms, Bathtubs & Showers: When comfort on bare feet is as essential to preventing slip and fall accidents, you will want to look at Resilient products for these applications. Resilient anti-slip tape or treads works great in water conditions and on bare feet. Keep in mind that you will also want a  product that is mop-friendly for easy cleaning and potentially designed for shoe traffic depending on the location.

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Food Service Areas, Restaurants & Kitchens: With a constant barrage of liquids being spilled on the floor and lots of hustle and bustle, kitchens are some of the biggest culprits for slip and fall accidents. You will want to make sure you choose an anti-slip product that offers excellent protection against liquids, heavy foot traffic and is also mop-friendly for easy cleaning. Depending on if this is for commercial use, you will want a product that also meets certain OSHA requirements to protect your employees.

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Fitness Rooms, Exercise Equipment & Gyms: Fitness areas generally need to have a non-slip tape or tread that is foot-friendly and meant for indoor applications. Again, depending on the location you might need to consider a gritter grade anti-slip product if you will be outdoors or for high impact exercise equipment. You will also want something that can easily be cleaned and offers an industrial type application.

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Egress Requirements, Fire Exit Safety & Night or Dark: When it comes to meeting egress code requirements or providing visibility to surroundings in dark situations, it is important to have a non-slip egress tape or tread that glows to show the way out or around. Having a photoluminescent grit tape that can be used to mark stairs and corridors is extremely helpful to prevent slip and falls accidents. You might need to also make sure your product meets certain standards such as ASTM and NYC (MEA #235-05-M).

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Military or Extreme Environments: When you are needing an application for decks of vessels that will be constantly hit with salt water or other liquids and temperature fluctuations, airplane cargo holds or trains, you will want a product that exceeds MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI and is engineered to perform in extreme environments.

Consider: Safety Track® Military Grade 3810/3820 Series.

Choosing the correct type of non-slip flooring product is an important factor when it comes to the safety of  everyone. Make sure to review all the different factors when it comes to choosing your non-slip flooring solution. In 2017 alone a reported 227,760 non-fatal injury cases were reported due to falls, slips and trips in the private industry.  And while nothing can assure you will not slip and fall, choosing a non-slip flooring product can help minimize the risk. From consumer applications to the decks of warships, all types of locations require non-slip films to prevent slip and fall accidents. Make sure you choose the best type of product for your application or work with a Jessup Manufacturing representative to custom make a product based on your requirements. Our engineers can recommend the right product to work for your specific environment and usage.



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Anti Slip Adhesives: A Simple Solution for Increasing Traction

Anti slip adhesives have abundant possibilities when it comes to preventing a fall whether you need to prevent the dog from sliding on the kitchen floor, increase pool safety, or must protect customers. These anti slip products are designed to deliver traction as a surface becomes slick due to water or another unexpected condition. A good example is the application of slip resistant materials on ladder steps or in showers. Anti slip adhesives are available in different grades and have been designed to deliver traction in any area where a fall could occur. Almost every type of floor has a high potential for injury whether wet or naturally slick. If you have ever walked on a wet deck, for example, odds are you have tried to prevent doing the splits at least once. A number of conditions contribute to dangerous falls whether the culprit is a wet spot, slick soled shoes, or carrying a heavy object. If you own a business or run a facility, anti slip adhesives will prove to be one of the most effective measures for reducing injury. Here are a few reasons why anti slip adhesives are a must in any environment:
  1. Simple to Install
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Resistant to Chemicals & Water
  4. Applicable Outdoors
  5. Create Anti Slip Surfaces
  6. Durable, Long Lasting Applications
  7. Meet Safety Requirements
Whether you need to fortify a pool area, boat, marina, manufacturing facility, or a consumer-oriented business, anti slip adhesives come in different grades with varying qualities to ensure easy, effective application. Before implementation, be certain to evaluate the area to identify trouble spots and damage for reliable results. What Are Your Options? A number of unexpected conditions create a slick surface including outside weather, unnoticed spills, and poorly maintained work areas. Anti slip adhesives counteract these conditions to ensure safety as they go unnoticed or in between maintenance times. For example, someone spills coffee while walking out of the break room and another person slips when walking in. This small spill will result in a costly injury; however, if anti slip adhesives were placed on each side of the door, then the chance of harm would be far less. Anti slip adhesives come in a number of grades and colors including:
  • Black
  • Clear
  • Striped
  • Solid Colors
  • Photoluminescent
  • Industrial Grade
  • Commercial Grade
Finding treads or tapes to work for a specific scenario is easy regardless of the safety need. Anti slip adhesives may be used to deliver increased protection from sliding on any surface as a mat, tread or even tape is better than the bare floor. A sticky backside delivers easy, pressure application and the topside contains a gritty surface or other material to deliver traction to counteract wet or slick shoes. As an individual walks across these safety items, they grip to their shoes to prevent injury. Application only takes a few seconds and their durability ensures protection for an extended period of time. At Jessup MFG, we offer a large variety of anti slip adhesives for your safety requirements and will help you in choosing the most suitable option. Contact us today!
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Five Applications for Anti Skid Protective Adhesives

Anti skid protective adhesives by Jessup Manufacturing can solve the problem of accidental slips and falls at your specific job site or location. The following will list five practical applications for anti skid protective adhesives.
  1. Heavy construction equipment: Heavy construction equipment usually involves needing a single, or perhaps several workers operating the machine simultaneously. When operating this type of construction equipment, it is likely that the worker(s) involved will need to maneuver themselves on the equipment. Heavy construction equipment is often dangerous, especially if someone should experience an accident while operating the machinery, such as a slip and fall. What could cause a slip and fall on machinery? Lubricants and cleaning solvents are often used on machinery, both of which can make the machinery slippery. Adding an anti skid protective adhesive to the machinery will reduce the probability of someone slipping and falling while operating the machinery.
  2. Farm equipment: Farm equipment can fall in line with the previously mentioned construction equipment, because farm equipment, like all machinery, also requires lubricants to operate efficiently. In addition, most farm equipment is operated outside, meaning it is exposed to all weather conditions, including rain. Water can make machinery slippery, therefore, adding an anti skid protective adhesive to your farm equipment will ensure the operator will not slip and fall if he or she happens to use the equipment shortly after a storm, or after the equipment has been properly lubricated.
  3. Transportation: Methods of transportation that require careful footing, such as ramps, steps, stairs, walkways, escalators, and ladders are often frequent sites where people have accidents from losing their footing. Sometimes, debris, condensation, spilt liquid, or other substances that make surfaces slippery can accrue on these methods of transportation that makes an already more complex method of foot placement that much more susceptible to an accident due to improper footing. Adding anti skid protective adhesives can help remedy this situation, because it makes the traction and friction on these transportation surfaces much more improved, and will eliminate the increased risk of slips and falls that come from the gathering of slip inducing forces like the ones mentioned previously.
  4. Lawn and garden equipment: This also falls in line with the description used for both heavy construction and farm equipment. Lawn and garden equipment are usually exposed to weather conditions due to its frequent outdoor use, as well as liquid substances that are slippery on most surfaces. Anti skid protective adhesives will neutralize slippery surfaces on lawn and garden equipment, which will dramatically reduce accidental slips and falls during operation.
  5. Custom Products: In other words, these are products frequently used where the surface is exposed to people walking on it. The point here is that Jessup’s line of anti skid protective adhesives can be added to or placed on any type of product, machinery, and surface, and will improve the traction and friction required to prevent accidental slips and falls. Jessup’s anti skid protective adhesives are specifically designed for unique and difficult applications, while still adding an improved footing feature that drastically reduces slips and falls.
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Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Tapes

Maximizing the safety of a location, whether it is an office building, large structure, manufacturing plant, or industrial facility, should be the primary concern for those people who will ultimately be held responsible for the well being of individuals occupying their location. The number one cause of accidents in buildings and in the workplace has to do with people slipping and falling. These accidents are most commonly caused by a surface that is slippery, especially if that surface was difficult to see or navigate due to darkness. Accidental slips or falls can cause serious injuries to workers and building occupants, which can precipitate into others becoming injured. The severity of accidental slips and falls could also lead to the death of a person, which means that those who are held accountable for not maintaining a safe location can expect drawn out and costly lawsuits, as well as irrevocable defamation of the name of the person, or people, held responsible. The best way to deal with the ever present issue of accidental slips and falls is to implement non slip grip tapes throughout the potentially dangerous area, and to purchase and outfit the area with photoluminescent non slip tapes if that area is often dark. Photoluminescent non slip tapes, and non slip grip tapes will effectively minimize, and perhaps even eliminate accidents stemming from slipping, tripping, or falling in locations where these tendencies occur. Jessup Manufacturing offers to its customers photolumoinescent non slip tapes, which are designed with materials and components that provide the needed friction and traction for footing in spots that are slippery than others, as well as provide the necessary luminance to see where you are going. With photoluminescent non slip tape, you can see the surface clearly, even in dark areas, and recognize if the surface of the floor or ground is hazardous. Potential surface hazards include areas that accumulate condensation, or are susceptible to frequent spillage of liquids. The Jessup Manufacturing line of provisioned photoluminescent non slip tapes include commercial grade non slip, photoluminescent tapes and treads, as well as coarse heavy duty tapes and treads. Jessup also provides different color arrangements for its non slip safety tapes, all of which are available in commercial grade. Jessup’s photoluminescent non slip tapes have been tried and tested, and are lauded by industrial professionals as being resilient and reliable in all types of setting. In addition, the company’s brand of photoluminescent non slip tapes are weather resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about it holding up through harsh weather conditions. Jessup Manufacturing offers several versions of its non slip tapes, based on grade level applications that include heavy duty, commercial grade, resilient mid level and coarse, as well as fine grade non slip tape. A Jessup Manufacturing professional can help you choose the right photoluminescent non slip tape by assessing your workplace building and environment .
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A Secret Tip for Making Floors Safer - Anti Slip Safety Tape

A Secret Tip for Making Floors Safer - Anti Slip Safety Tape

When working in industrial manufacturing plants, or in facilities where workers are handling complex equipment, heavy machinery, and electronic devices, many hazards are present that place workers in jeopardy. One of the dangers to working in the recently described scenario is slipping and falling, due to a slippery floor with poor traction. Because workers are laboring in plants described above, a slippery floor with poor traction could prove to be dually dangerous if a worker is handling complex or heavy equipment. As you can imagine, the consequences could be catastrophic, resulting in serious injuries, broken equipment that will be expensive and/or difficult to replace, and, even worse, fatalities. Fortunately, there exists a way to make the floors in your industrial facility safe, and that is through the use of non slip tapes, specifically Jessup Manufacturing’s line of Safety Track tapes. Jessup Manufacturing’s line of Safety Track non slip tapes come in commercial grade, coarse heavy duty, resilient coarse tread, resilient medium tread, coarse vinyl tread, and fine vinyl tread, depending on the need of your facility. As you have probably already gathered, the various types of non slip Safety Track tape are for different scenarios, based on how much friction and traction your facility needs, as well as how prolific and noticeable your business prefers the non slip tape. Therefore, managers of industrial businesses should thoroughly evaluate their facilities where the manual labor is performed. The evaluation process will help managers determine whether the non slip tape needs to be extremely visible, as well as how durable and thick the non slip tape needs to be based on the amount and weight of foot traffic, vehicular traffic, and the movement of machines throughout the facility. Once the evaluation is complete, you can contact Jessup Manufacturing, and speak with a representative who can advise you on what type of non slip tape will best suit your needs, based on the information you provide. Another option for industrial facility managers is to visit the Jessup Manufacturing website. On the site, you can navigate to the “non slip tape” tab, where you will be directed to Jessup’s line of Safety Track non slip tapes. The website does an excellent job breaking down the specifications of each product, and the advantages of installing one kind of non slip tape over another, depending on your facility and safety needs. Each non slip product has explicit information about it that can be read in PDF format. In addition, the webpage provides examples of scenarios, such as facilities with a lot of steps, ladders, and platforms, as well as facilities with a lot of vehicular traffic. Next to the described scenarios, Jessup displays its non slip tape recommendations, base don its expert opinion regarding which non slip tape is optimal for various situations. The information for non slip tape is readily available from Jessup, all you have to do is either call or order, based on the information on the site, and your can start providing maximum non slip protection in you facility right away.
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