Apartment Building Fire Safety- Be Ready This Summer!


Apartment Building Fire Safety- Be Ready This Summer!

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility. From apartment building owners to tenants, we can all do our part to ensure we are educated on fire safety and have the proper equipment and escape plan in place.


Building Owners Checklist

● Fire safety signs create a clear route to safety should a fire happen.

● Make sure your building has emergency exit routes cleared and clearly marked.

● Egress markings should be around stairs, doors, and other areas where smoke may inhibit visibility.

● Exit signs with arrows should be placed where the emergency exit sign is not clearly seen.

● Make sure all fire extinguishers are clearly marked with a fire extinguisher symbol or sign.

● Ensure all building occupants are aware of emergency exits and fire safety protocols going into the summer and remind occupants to check their smoke detectors prior to any cooking.

● Test all common area smoke alarms and emergency exit signs regularly.


Tenant Checklist

● Let your apartment manager know if you see something unsafe, fire safety equipment out of order, or not easily accessible.

● Make sure you have an exit plan in place and your family knows where all emergency exit signs and doors are located. Never use an elevator to escape a fire!

● Keep a fire extinguisher in your apartment.

● If your door is warm to the touch, never open it but call 9-1-1 instead.

● Signal for help outside your window and wave a white cloth if possible.


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2022-01-11 07:35:00
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