Advertising Innovations – The 5 Greatest of the 21st Century

Innovations within the 21st century are not limited to technological advances. The advertising industry has seen creative innovations that allow you to reach your target audience and build up your brand.

Outdoor Promotions and Balloons

You’ve probably seen the outdoor promotional balloons announcing the grand opening of a new store. Outdoor promotions with oversized balloons or air dancers are bright, colorful and grab the attention of potential buyers. Even from the road, drivers can see the ads. If your business is easy to overlook or you want to announce a special sale, air dancers or similar outdoor promotional balloons can draw local attention.

Online Video Ads

Online video ads have changed the face of advertising because it is no longer necessary to spend a small fortune on commercials. Websites allow you to advertise your business for a low-cost or you can use services to get your ads placed on different websites.

Mobile AdsFolgers

Innovations within the telecommunications industry have opened up a new method of connecting with your audience. Mobile ads are the advertisements placed on free Smartphone applications. You pay a small amount to put your ad on the application, so it will load when consumers use that mobile app.

Group Buying

For new or struggling companies, group buying is an opportunity to get your company name out there.   Consumers enjoy the ability to use group coupons and buying promotions to try out new restaurants, products or services. You gain the opportunity to make a solid impression on customers and build up your brand.  Although group buying can dramatically cut into your profits for a specific time period, your company can limit the availability of the coupons.

Floor Advertising

Floor advertising is an innovative way to draw the attention of potential customers in a local location. The advertisement is placed directly on the indoor or outdoor flooring material. Asphalt Art creates a material that has advertisements and graphics printed on it. The material is then put onto different floors, such as the concrete outside your store, a sports stadium or the lobby of a building. Whether potential customers are looking down from stadium seats or glance down due to bright colors, it is a useful way to make an impact on customers.

Advertising your company is vital to getting your brand out into the public and building up your reputation. Fortunately, you have several innovative options to gain the attention of your target audience.

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