4 Areas Your Workplace Needs Anti Slip Tape


4 Areas Your Workplace Needs Anti Slip Tape

Did you know that slip and fall accidents are continually the most common causes of serious work related injuries and deaths? And that fall protection offenses have made the Top 10 Citations by OSHA list for well over a decade?


Take action and prevent slip and fall accidents in the workplace by adding anti-slip tape and treads to these accident-prone areas.

Top 4 Areas to Add Anti-Slip Tape in the Workplace
1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms rank as one of the most dangerous places for slip and fall accidents to occur. Peel and stick anti-slip tape to any area where tight spaces, water, or poor lighting occur. If people will be barefoot, use a fine grit like Jessup’s Flex Track 4100 for ultimate comfort.


2. Entrance/Exits

Doors leading to the outside can mean a lot of the elements end up inside. Having an anti-slip tape right inside the building doors can prevent slip and fall accidents due to snow, mud, rain, or ice melt. A medium grade anti-slip tape is excellent for withstanding heavy foot traffic and the elements. Consider Jessup’s Safety Track 3500 as an easy and inexpensive way to prevent slip and falls at the exterior doors. You may also custom anti-slip tapes with imagery or specific branding.


Rugs are not recommended because they can worsen the likelihood of a trip, but if you must have one in place make sure it is firmly secured to the ground with a tape underneath it.


3. Stairs

Stairs, including ladders, should all be treated with anti-slip tape. You will want to choose a grit based on if your stairs are located inside or outside and the amount of foot traffic they will receive.


4. Kitchens

Kitchen floors hold a mix of grease, water, and spilled food paired with people who are busy and possibly not paying attention. Whether it is a back office kitchen or a commercial-grade restaurant kitchen, having anti-slip tape throughout can be a great way to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Be sure to put anti-slip tape around all cooking spaces, doors, and sinks.

Shop Anti-Slip Tape for the Workplace
Jessup Manufacturing is a global leader in adhesive products. Offering a wide variety of colors and grit it is easy to create a safer atmosphere in the workplace. Shop our entire line of anti-slip tape or start a conversation with our team to discuss a customized product.




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