Beverage Marketing Ideas for Concerts & Events

Now that the summer season is upon us, we can now once again experience one of the most enjoyable events that follows warm weather: attending outdoor concerts in parks, stadiums, and other types of outdoor venues. It is estimated that more concerts are attended during the summer season than all of the other seasons combined. Why is this so? Younger generations still attending school are on vacation for the summer, and that demographic makes up most of the people who attend concerts. From the viewpoint of a marketing firm, the fact that the majority of young people enjoy going to concerts and events, especially during the summer time, should be targeted as a potentially lucrative venture for implementing effective advertising strategies. And, as it pertains to beverage marketing ideas, it should not be too difficult to figure out the types of beverages that will most likely be consumed at concerts and live, outdoor events, as that information is practically common knowledge. Now, it is a matter of devising the right kind of beverage marketing strategy that will entice people who are going to these concerts and events to want to consume your marketed beverage instead of the other beverage options that will surely be available.

Once your advertising agency determines the demographic for the concert or event your marketing team will target, the next order of business is to choose what type of effective marketing strategy you feel is most worth your company’s investment. You should probably eliminate old and tired ideas, such as passing out fliers – which only leads to additional trash pick up for the people hired to clean the area once the concert is over. That sounds like a total waste of your company’s money. You can hire scantily clad models, but the only thing more important to young people during a concert is rocking out to their favorite band’s songs being performed live. This also sounds like a waste of money. Maybe it is time your marketing agency utilize an idea that is outside the box – meaning it is an innovative idea that so far has proven to be of great value. Your next beverage marketing idea for a concert or event should involve the use of floor graphic art, which can be provided by Asphalt Art.

Younger people, who make up the majority of individuals who attend concerts during the summertime and have an affinity for digitally designed graphic art, are especially fond of unique graphic designs and imagery, which is exactly what Asphalt Art graphics are perfect for. Floor and ground graphic art involves the designing of a digitized image on specialized software, and once the image has been created, can be printed on an adhesive backing that sticks to almost all floors, grounds, and surfaces. A specialized printing company that offers customized services can print the image to be any size and shape. The image is now ready to be used at the concert or event of your choosing. The attendees will be floored by the graphic image, and enticed to buy the beverage manifested from the design concept that has effectively brought the beverage to life.

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