How can you Market to a Beer Snob?

9Americans are very choosey about a lot of different things. As we all become adults, all of us have probably realized how quite particular we become to the type of alcoholic indulgences we consume. As we grow older, our taste buds and palates become sensitive to certain tastes, and we become devoted to a specific flavor, taste, and eventually to the proprietor of the beverage from which we attain those tastes and flavors. Such is our proclivities toward certain alcoholic beverages, which is why you see people specifically drink certain beverages. Some people will only drink Scotch, Bourbon, or Irish whiskey; while others are “wino’s” – a term created specifically to describe people who drink excessive amounts of wine, will only drink wine, and are particular to only a select few kinds of wine. The same exact correlation can be made to people who prefer to drink beer. Though there are countless types of beers made around the world, you can classify most of the beers into certain, although broad categories, such as light and dark beers, lagers, stout beers and ales. Just as there are Whiskey and wine snobs, beer snobs also exist. So, if you are the head of an upcoming marketing campaign given the proposition to design a beer advertisement geared towards beer drinkers, how do you get over the hump of catering to all beer drinkers, since the beer consuming demographic has become so picky?

The first thing a marketing agency has to come up with is a flashy and likeable advertisement that appeals to as many people as it can in order to break the chain of select beer drinkers. The next step is choosing the medium that will be used to present the advertisement. One option that continues to go over quite well with audiences is the use of floor graphics as a means to promote a brand or image. People who have been targeted for promotion at events revolving around exposure to a new product concept, and whose event holder used floor graphics as a means to showcase this concept have been very successful. In addition, floor graphics have proven to be successful at inciting people who might be loyal to a particular brand to cross over and give a competing brand a shot. The willingness to try new things also involves beverage drinkers, even beer drinkers. This willingness stems from the excitement generated by promoting with ground graphics. When designs are used at promotional events that absolutely amaze the audience, people become overwhelmed with the sensation of being thrilled, and must satiate that sensation by giving in to that which garnered the sensation in the first place. Therefore, you better make sure your beer tastes amazing, because the floor graphic will achieve its purpose – to provoke curiosity and arouse wonder – which will bring your desired audience to you, ready and willing.


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