Beer Advertising Techniques for Retail Stores POP

9Retail stores are recognizing the benefit of POP advertising, otherwise known as “Point of Purchase,” sales. Point of purchase is defined as the purchasing of products that can be found near the checkout center of a store. Advertisers are smart enough to know that not all items can be placed at the checkout of a retail store, so point of purchase extends its reach to the aisle where products are shelved. If a consumer is driven to put an item in their cart because of the marketing material placed in the aisle, then the point of purchase advertising is considered successful.

The United States is currently in its summer season, a time when people start spending much more of their days outdoors with friends and family. It is also the season when the most amount of beer is purchased. It does not take a genius to figure out that there is a direct correlation between people spending more time outside hanging our with family and friends, relaxing or vacationing, and the increase in beer sales. What this leads to is retail store executives starting to advertise beer and displaying beer cases in stacks close to the checkout lines. For example, the next time you go to a convenience or food retail store, especially if you live on the coast, in close proximity to the beach, notice how beer cases are strategically placed near the checkout aisles of the store, along with posters and images of groups of attractive looking individuals smiling and having a great time while consuming an alcoholic beverage. This is an excellent method of increasing beer sales, and tests indicate that this advertising technique has proven to work.

Now, if you are a retail store that sells beer, it is time for you to follow suit, if you haven not done so already. However, because most retail stores use the exact same technique, it is time for a retail store to take their advertising prowess to a completely new level by using floor graphic images. Floor graphic images are advertising design images that can be designed ether two or three dimensionally, and then placed on the floor of a retail store through the use of a specially developed adhesive backing. These floor graphic images pop out with aesthetic brilliance more so than any type of billboard, poster, cardboard cut out, or other kinds of advertising mediums you find in a retail store. By using floor graphic design images, you are practically guaranteeing an increase in your retail store’s beer beverage point of purchase.

A retail store should contact a reputable marketing agency that can render this awesome advertising technique through the use of computer software that creates digital images. Once the image has been developed, make sure you take it to a printing company that uses specially designed printing paper created by Asphalt Art USA, which provides the absolute best in printing materials and components for printing companies tasked with printing specially designed floor graphic images. If you have any questions about floor graphics and how they can increase sales for your company, please contact Asphalt Art USA to get detailed information.

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