A Beer Marketing Idea that’s Perfect for Craft Brewers

9There are a number of industries that could benefit from trying out floor graphic advertising as a part of a new marketing campaign, and one of the top candidates would be companies involved in the beverage industry, especially craft brewers. Lovers of craft beers identify with visual advertising, which is why picture and video advertising has been so successful for beer companies. No matter the specific consumer desire for the type of advertising imagery regarding beer marketing techniques, image has been king for quite awhile, and remains king. This blog post wishes to introduce a new beer marketing idea for craft brewers that maintains the successful trend of the use of imagery, but with a different type of application that you might not of heard of before. Craft Brewers should begin utilizing floor graphic imagery to further promote its selection of craft beers.

The following example will better explain the concept of floor graphics as an advertising tool: Take an imager associated with your craft beer business, use it as your marketing logo or label, and place it on the floor of a promotional event. Social events and gatherings are almost always the decided choice for introducing a new craft beer because craft beer is usually consumed at a social event with a celebratory or party atmosphere. During your craft brewery’s next celebration that will introduce to the public a newly crafted beer, try using floor graphic art imagery to promote the new beverage. The vibrant and realistic imagery that can be designed, printed, and placed on the floor of the event will appeal to the audience, which will leave a lasting impression that will be remembered the next day. Because the key is to create repeat business and a loyal customer base, a beer marketing idea and trend for a new craft beer will only last as long as it is persistently advertised, therefore, your campaign must be top notch. Floor graphics will go a long way to ensure that people remember the name of the new craft beer, as well as the brewing company that crafted the beer.

Asphalt Art, USA is one of the most trusted sources for printing companies to obtain the necessary resources for outstanding floor graphic imagery. The materials and components needed for printing companies to design and develop floor graphics should only be acquired from Asphalt Art, USA, because the company has continually proven to offer the best resources for maximizing floor graphic vibrancy, depth, and realism. Floor graphics can virtually be made to fit any size and shape, and can be created three-dimensionally. If you happen to be a member of a craft brewer’s marketing design team, contact an Asphalt Art, USA representative, and learn more about how floor graphics can best serve your advertising campaign. A new beer marketing idea could be feast or famine, so make sure you achieve complete success by incorporating floor graphics in your next advertising campaign.

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