What are Asphalt Decals?

SGIAExpo4Asphalt Decals are the type of ground graphic art images that have special adhesive backing that enables the ground graphic art image to be adhered to a surface made of asphalt. Because asphalt is considered a very difficult surface to apply ground graphic decals, it is vital that the adhesive backing of the ground graphic art image is strong and durable enough to withstand the imperfections found on an asphalt surface, as well as the weather conditions that could corrode or fade the ground graphic image, such as rain, direct sunlight, heat and humidity, and even snowfall. In addition, the ground graphic asphalt decals must be strong and protected enough to withstand the amount of foot traffic that will surely trample over the ground graphic image through the day’s event. The only way to truly guarantee that your asphalt decal is printed on a strong enough adhesive paper is by taking your newly designed digital advertising image to a printing company that specializes in printing asphalt decals, and uses printing materials and components made by Asphalt Art USA.

Asphalt Art printing components and materials, namely the specialized paper the company provides is among the best in the business. The printing paper developed by Asphalt Art USA has one of the strongest adhesive abilities available, and will adhere to almost any type of indoor and outdoor surface, one of which includes asphalt surfaces. In addition, the asphalt decals printed on Asphalt Art adhesive paper will withstand all kinds of weather conditions, and guarantees to hold up if the surface of the asphalt decal becomes wet, which is the most common and worrisome problem businesses have when hosting an outside event. Another concern businesses have when deciding whether to use asphalt decals for an outdoor event is whether the graphic art image will become faded, smeared, or distorted in some manner from the heavy foot traffic it is sure to endure throughout the scheduled event. In addition, there is also concern for the vehicular traffic that might occur, where the weight of the vehicle on top of the ground graphic art image is usually a troublesome worry for most companies that are debating on using asphalt decals for marketing purposes. Not to worry, because if your printing company uses Asphalt Art printing paper, the paper is laminated in such a way that no type of foot or vehicular traffic will hurt the image in any way, shape, or form.

The conclusion is that, if you do decide to implement asphalt decals as the advertising method for your next outdoor event, as long as your printing company uses printing materials and components made by Asphalt Art USA, any potentially detracting scenario that could harm or ruin the ground graphic art image has been thought of and has been eliminated as a need for concern. Now, you can rest easy knowing that your asphalt decal is in good hands, and you can enjoy your function and watch those in attendance become mesmerized by your sleek advertising design image.

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