Are there Decals that Adhere to Concrete?

Asphalt-Art-BK-Drive-ThruIs your business looking for a new way to jump start product awareness for a certain brand? If you are investigating advertising tools for such a  marketing campaign, you may have come across floor and ground graphic decals as an option. However, there may be an initial concern involved that, depending on the location of the event where they plan to unveil the advertising tool, are concerned that the type of surface where the event will be held is not conducive to the adhering of a floor and ground graphic decal. This blog hopes to alleviate any concern that may prevent a business from benefiting from using floor and ground graphic decals for its next promotional event. Yes, you may allay your worries regarding the potential for a mismatching of floor and ground graphic decal to the surface of your next promotional event.

The fact is, not only can floor and ground graphic decals adhere to concrete; there are several other types of surfaces, both inside and outside, to which the graphic image can adhere. You next concern might be that, depending on the type of surface you will need to adhere the floor and ground graphic decal, is whether it will look better or worse on a specific type of surface. Since you are already on the Asphalt Art, USA website, please peruse through the website to find photos of floor and ground graphics on display at several different types of venues, on many different types of surfaces. The first aspect you should recognize is that there is absolutely no drop off in detail, color, vibrancy, adhesive quality, and overall aesthetic attraction, whatsoever. Floor and ground graphics use specialized printing paper – which is developed by Asphalt Art, USA – that has been thoroughly tested on numerous types of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, marble, pavement, wood, linoleum, metal, vinyl, porcelain, tile, rock, cobblestone, brick, and stone, among others.

Questions regarding floor and ground graphic decals, and its ability to adhere to certain kinds of surfaces, whether it is located inside or outside, can contact Asphalt Art, USA to learn more. One of the first key elements to ensuring a perfect floor and ground graphic decal, as well as a sound adherence to the surface of choice, is that the printing company your business uses must obtain its printing materials and components from Asphalt Art, USA. Because Asphalt Art creates brilliant and flawless printing solutions that guarantee a perfect looking floor and ground graphic detail, as well as a total alignment of perfect adherence to the surface, going with a printing company that does not use our company’s products, but swears they can replicate our same perfection is dangerous and disingenuous. It would be wise to trust only those printing companies that use printing products developed by Asphalt Art, USA. Our testimonials, along with the pictures you see on our website, speak to our success in bringing to life floor and ground graphic decals.

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