May Newsletter Recap

If you caught our May newsletter, you already know that summer is the season of outdoor graphics. Summer is the time when people go on vacation, when they get together with their friends and go to concerts or festivals. It’s the time when people go to water parks and hang out by the local pool. Summer is a great time for people to connect with one another in the great outdoors, and it’s also a great time for advertisers to connect with their target audiences.

Making an Impact at Outdoor Events
Your summer advertising campaigns can be much more effective this year with outdoor floor and wall graphics. Reach out to the demographics that are most important to your brand at county fairs, city parades, local concerts, sporting events, and music festivals. Figure out where your customers are going this summer, and consider sponsoring the events that they care about. At these events, you can stand out from the crowd with floor graphics that break the mold.

Ground graphics have a tendency to fall directly in the eye-line of people passing over them. They’re much more likely to be noticed in crowded areas than banners and posters. Plus, ground graphics give you more opportunities to be creative and unique. You can create little teasers that draw people toward your booth at a festival or share tantalizing photos of your food truck’s premier menu item, drawing people toward your stand. You can also create seemingly 3-D images that people will take pictures of and share with their friends online.

Make a Splash at the Pool
Outdoor graphics can also be used by advertisers in wet locations like public pools, hotel pool areas, and water parks. Graphics printed on waterproof, non-slip materials like CatWalk can point people to the concession stand, provide effective safety signage, or give advertisers a new venue to make a great impact. Graphics laid down inside pools are extremely eye-catching and unexpected. They can also be highly creative, transforming the inside of a pool so that it looks like a lake filled with fish, the inside of a giant water bottle, or anything else you can imagine.

Check out some of our favorite outdoor floor graphics, then request a sample pack of Asphalt Art print media from Jessup Manufacturing today.

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