Architects green up with Glo Brite®

Glo Brite® exit signs made of photoluminescent material are the most eco-friendly, sustainable exit signs available. Unlike electric signs, they don’t consume any energy and require no maintenance. Unlike tritium signs, they are completely safe to handle and don’t require Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reporting. Architects specify Glo Brite® UL924 listed signs to meet International Building Codes (IBC) and International Fire Codes (IFC).

Downloadable architectural specifications:

More intrinsic safety and sustainability

Safe and sustainable buildings have Glo Brite® photoluminescent exit signs and egress markings. The exit signs are UL 924 Listed and don’t require electricity or batteries and do not contain radioactive tritium. These exit signs last more than 25 years. Glo Brite® PF100 sign can be charged with LED light in addition to fluorescent, metal halide and other sources and it will be visible up to 100 feet. Running man exit signs comply with Canadian building code CAN/ULC S572. Safe and sustainable buildings have MEA and UL 1994 Listed egress path markings in building stairwells to help occupants get out quickly in emergency situations. Glo Brite® egress path markings meet IBC/IFC 2009, 2012, 2015 and NYC LL141.

Make a better building envelope

Adhesive coated films developed through Jessup Manufacturing’s Solve + Make™ process are used in buildings to resist the transfer of air, water, light and sound through walls. Non-slip materials for commercial and institutional building floors can also be customized for each project. Interior architects and designers also use Jessup graphics media for building signage and décor.