Application Instructions

Safety Track

Issue Date: 1/1/2016 Version 1.2

1. Testing of adhesion to surface should be done before installation.

2. Do not apply Safety Track® when surface temperature is below 50 degrees fahrenheit.

3. Fill in cracks, seal porous surfaces and repair to a smooth finish, as required. Avoid application to grout areas.

4. Always apply Safety Track® to clean, dry, wax and oil-free surface. Allow ample time for drying.

5. Peel off protective release paper from Safety Track®.

6. Press Safety Track® to prepared surface. Bond is increased by using a rubber hand roller.

7. Safety Track® is ready for immediate use, no need to wait.

8. Keep Safety Track® clean. Use mild floor cleaners as directed.

9. Application to porous surfaces is not recommended.


Safety Track® Peel and Stick 3810/3820

Meets MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI/NA VSEA Approval # 05S/2014-162

Issue Date: 6/1/2016 Version 1.3

Surface preparation

1. Determine the proper sizes and quantity of Safety Track® 3810/3820 needed for the install.

2. Prior to application of Peel and Stick products the surface temperature must be above 40 degrees F. It should also be cleaned and primed as required in the Preservation Process instructions 63411-004LU or 63411-004SF. *Coast Guard must install per Color Code Manual.

**U.S. Navy must install per NSTM 634 (634-7.73), Navy Standard Item 009-26 and 009-32

Application of Safety Track

1. With a chalk line mark all end points of the material, making sure the Safety Track® is positioned a minimum of 2″ from the wall.

2. Peel back one corner 6-8″, position product to line up with snapped line already marked. Avoid touching of the adhesive.

3. Peel back the liner gradually as you are applying the product. A back and forth press and smoothing motion is best .

4. The use of a floor roller, starting at the center and working out, helps secure the Safety Track® to the surface.

5. Apply Jessup® Edge Sealer to the edges of the Safety Track®. The edge sealer must cover the material edge and the floor surface.


1. Periodic inspection for signs of wear is essential to the performance of the product. Replace any worn material.

2. Periodic cleaning with a stiff bristle brush will remove any loose contaminants that reduce functionality. Wash with soap and water.

Removal Instructions

1. Using a scraper or chisel work up the corners.

2. Use pliers to grab the raised corners then pull the material back at a 180 degree angle. The material should pull off in one piece, if the material tears use the scraper to start another edge.

3. Upon removal an adhesive removal chemical may be needed to remove and remaining adhesive residue or edge sealer. Then rinse thoroughly with soap and water and allow drying. Repair and cracked, peeled paint or rust prior to application of NEW Safety Track®.