Using Grip Tape for Stairwell Safety

In buildings that have several floors, you are told that, during an emergency evacuation situation, to take the stairs in order to exit, and never use the elevator. Theoretically, if it is a large and populated building, during an evacuation, a building could have a large amount of people exiting down a stairwell at once, and likely, these people will be moving at a frenetic pace. A mass amount of people trying to travel down a stairwell, in a frenzy, is an alarming thought, as several instances of prohibitive obstacles could prevent a clean escape. What if someone trips and falls, causing others to fall around him or her? What if people slip and are trampled in the mad dash to safety? To prevent such frightening scenarios, building owners should strongly consider using grip tape for stairwell safety.

In the event of a fire, it is likely that the power has gone out, and either reserve power or only egress markers are glowing. Fire produces heat, which means condensation could be accumulating on the floors throughout the building. The building might have a sprinkler system that will go off if a fire breaks out, meaning water will be all over the floor, making for a very slippery surface. In these scenarios, having grip tape on your floor throughout your building will prevent people from slipping and falling due to the liquid making the surface slippery. Having grip tape on your floors will save lives, as it will prevent people from tripping, slipping, or falling, all of which could lead to a number of harmful and life threatening incidents during an emergency evacuation.

Jessup Manufacturing understands that using grip tape for stairwell safety is absolutely necessary in and building, and for any situation that calls for an emergency evacuation. Jessup can provide you all the information you need regarding grip tape, how to best apply the traction material, and will sell the best quality grip tape to you. Jessup only carries tried and tested, premier quality brands, because they are in the business of ensuring lives are saved during a catastrophic event.

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