Make Your Building Evacuation Ready with Photoluminescent Safety Tape

The amount of time it takes for occupants to evacuate your building when an emergency occurs is extremely important and the type of aids used for egress route identification have a direct impact. Requirements such as alarm systems, lighting, signing, and markings allow individuals to locate the nearest exit point within your structure. A variety of products have been made available to ensure the appropriate aids are provided for an unexpected evacuation; however, photoluminescence provides the most dependable line of sight in difficult to see conditions. Every second counts as an emergency situation transpires and the wrong choices increase the required time for a safe exit. Individuals incapable of finding their way out have a greater chance of injury, entrapment, and harm from smoke inhalation. How can you make certain occupants have what they need to reach a safety point quickly?  The first step involves implementing the elements required by local building codes. Photoluminescent safety tape may be installed for increased safety in stairwells, around equipment, or in additional accident prone areas.

Using Photoluminescent Safety Tape to Support Defined Egress Paths

Stairwells and working areas become dangerous locations at times when smoke or low lighting effect visibility. They also pose harm to anyone with slick soled shoes or individuals carrying heavy objects. Safety tapes or treads are designed to provide a gripping surface for improved traction in these situations as well as when a spill goes unnoticed. Tapes may be purchased with glow-in-the-dark characteristics to provide an additional visual aid in low-lighting or fire conditions. Photoluminescence is a form of illumination where natural or artificial light photons are absorbed by a special pigment that is included in a film covering or alternative material. The absorbed energy photons are stored until visibility conditions change and then released over a period of time as a green glow. This glow can be seen for hours when applied as an egress component on stairs, in spill prone areas, or as part of equipment safety. By choosing to install photoluminescent safety tape in high risk areas, you will be able to:

  • Avoid Serious Injuries
  • Create a Safer Structure
  • Prevent Extensive Injury Costs
  • Further Aid Individuals in an Emergency
  • Supply Visibility in Low Light Conditions
  • Install an Affordable Egress Aid

Photoluminescent safety tape prevents individuals from tripping over objects, tumbling down stairs, or being harmed by machinery at the time of an emergency. Tapes allow individuals to keep their footing during daily operations or when unnoticed spills are present. Loss of footing due to a slick floor, dangerous shoes, or emergency conditions is capable of creating a costly situation. Photoluminescent products offer a low cost approach to ensuring individuals are able to work in, maneuver through, and exit a structure without harm. They remain visible for hours any time lighting is dismal or non-existent in your structure and take only a few minutes to install. Maintenance requirements are minimal for these safety products and tapes last for many years before they must be replaced. Photoluminescent safety tapes are a reliable, cost effective choice for creating a dependable line of sight and ensuring your building is evacuation ready.


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