Adhesive Tapes Can Improve Building Egress Safety

As a building owner, you might be racking your brain to ensure that every area of your building is covered with egress markings and emergency exit signs in the event that a cataclysmic situation unfolds. You might be doing everything within your power to ensure the safe evacuation of anyone inside your building, but chances are you might be missing an important cog in the safety machine that often goes overlooked, and that is the use of adhesive tapes on the floor. Adhesive tapes improve building safety by making the floor less susceptible to a slip and fall, by creating more traction on the ground.

Several different scenarios can make a floor slick, including the spilling of oily or greasy substances and lubricants, as well as the accumulation of water or condensation. Some people might get a kick out of watching a montage of people falling on America’s Funniest Home Videos, but make no mistake, if someone slips and falls in your building, he or she can very easily injure themselves, and then turn around and hold you liable and sue you for not having your area properly equipped with safety measures. Obviously, this is something you want to avoid at all costs, especially when the solution to this problem is inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your building’s parameters.

When taking measures that are simple and cheap, and work to prohibit the harm of others, why delay improving building safety? If you have not done so already, make the investment in Adhesive tapes for the floor of your building or workplace. If you have any questions about anything discussed in this blog, then call Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup can provide detailed information regarding how to best use adhesive tapes, as well as their proper installation. Improve building safety today by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, and making the investment in adhesive tapes to create traction of your floors.

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