Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Tapes

GloBriteEgress2Maximizing the safety of a location, whether it is an office building, large structure, manufacturing plant, or industrial facility, should be the primary concern for those people who will ultimately be held responsible for the well being of individuals occupying their location. The number one cause of accidents in buildings and in the workplace has to do with people slipping and falling. These accidents are most commonly caused by a surface that is slippery, especially if that surface was difficult to see or navigate due to darkness. Accidental slips or falls can cause serious injuries to workers and building occupants, which can precipitate into others becoming injured. The severity of accidental slips and falls could also lead to the death of a person, which means that those who are held accountable for not maintaining a safe location can expect drawn out and costly lawsuits, as well as irrevocable defamation of the name of the person, or people, held responsible.

The best way to deal with the ever present issue of accidental slips and falls is to implement non slip grip tapes throughout the potentially dangerous area, and to purchase and outfit the area with photoluminescent non slip tapes if that area is often dark. Photoluminescent non slip tapes, and non slip grip tapes will effectively minimize, and perhaps even eliminate accidents stemming from slipping, tripping, or falling in locations where these tendencies occur. Jessup Manufacturing offers to its customers photolumoinescent non slip tapes, which are designed with materials and components that provide the needed friction and traction for footing in spots that are slippery than others, as well as provide the necessary luminance to see where you are going. With photoluminescent non slip tape, you can see the surface clearly, even in dark areas, and recognize if the surface of the floor or ground is hazardous. Potential surface hazards include areas that accumulate condensation, or are susceptible to frequent spillage of liquids.

The Jessup Manufacturing line of provisioned photoluminescent non slip tapes include commercial grade non slip, photoluminescent tapes and treads, as well as coarse heavy duty tapes and treads. Jessup also provides different color arrangements for its non slip safety tapes, all of which are available in commercial grade. Jessup’s photoluminescent non slip tapes have been tried and tested, and are lauded by industrial professionals as being resilient and reliable in all types of setting. In addition, the company’s brand of photoluminescent non slip tapes are weather resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about it holding up through harsh weather conditions. Jessup Manufacturing offers several versions of its non slip tapes, based on grade level applications that include heavy duty, commercial grade, resilient mid level and coarse, as well as fine grade non slip tape. A Jessup Manufacturing professional can help you choose the right photoluminescent non slip tape by assessing your workplace building and environment .

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