Five Applications for Anti Skid Protective Adhesives

JessupTapeAnti skid protective adhesives by Jessup Manufacturing can solve the problem of accidental slips and falls at your specific job site or location. The following will list five practical applications for anti skid protective adhesives.

  1. Heavy construction equipment: Heavy construction equipment usually involves needing a single, or perhaps several workers operating the machine simultaneously. When operating this type of construction equipment, it is likely that the worker(s) involved will need to maneuver themselves on the equipment. Heavy construction equipment is often dangerous, especially if someone should experience an accident while operating the machinery, such as a slip and fall. What could cause a slip and fall on machinery? Lubricants and cleaning solvents are often used on machinery, both of which can make the machinery slippery. Adding an anti skid protective adhesive to the machinery will reduce the probability of someone slipping and falling while operating the machinery.
  2. Farm equipment: Farm equipment can fall in line with the previously mentioned construction equipment, because farm equipment, like all machinery, also requires lubricants to operate efficiently. In addition, most farm equipment is operated outside, meaning it is exposed to all weather conditions, including rain. Water can make machinery slippery, therefore, adding an anti skid protective adhesive to your farm equipment will ensure the operator will not slip and fall if he or she happens to use the equipment shortly after a storm, or after the equipment has been properly lubricated.
  3. Transportation: Methods of transportation that require careful footing, such as ramps, steps, stairs, walkways, escalators, and ladders are often frequent sites where people have accidents from losing their footing. Sometimes, debris, condensation, spilt liquid, or other substances that make surfaces slippery can accrue on these methods of transportation that makes an already more complex method of foot placement that much more susceptible to an accident due to improper footing. Adding anti skid protective adhesives can help remedy this situation, because it makes the traction and friction on these transportation surfaces much more improved, and will eliminate the increased risk of slips and falls that come from the gathering of slip inducing forces like the ones mentioned previously.
  4. Lawn and garden equipment: This also falls in line with the description used for both heavy construction and farm equipment. Lawn and garden equipment are usually exposed to weather conditions due to its frequent outdoor use, as well as liquid substances that are slippery on most surfaces. Anti skid protective adhesives will neutralize slippery surfaces on lawn and garden equipment, which will dramatically reduce accidental slips and falls during operation.
  5. Custom Products: In other words, these are products frequently used where the surface is exposed to people walking on it. The point here is that Jessup’s line of anti skid protective adhesives can be added to or placed on any type of product, machinery, and surface, and will improve the traction and friction required to prevent accidental slips and falls. Jessup’s anti skid protective adhesives are specifically designed for unique and difficult applications, while still adding an improved footing feature that drastically reduces slips and falls.

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