Anti Slip Adhesives: A Simple Solution for Increasing Traction

anti slip grip tapeAnti slip adhesives have abundant possibilities when it comes to preventing a fall whether you need to prevent the dog from sliding on the kitchen floor, increase pool safety, or must protect customers. These anti slip products are designed to deliver traction as a surface becomes slick due to water or another unexpected condition. A good example is the application of slip resistant materials on ladder steps or in showers. Anti slip adhesives are available in different grades and have been designed to deliver traction in any area where a fall could occur.

Almost every type of floor has a high potential for injury whether wet or naturally slick. If you have ever walked on a wet deck, for example, odds are you have tried to prevent doing the splits at least once. A number of conditions contribute to dangerous falls whether the culprit is a wet spot, slick soled shoes, or carrying a heavy object. If you own a business or run a facility, anti slip adhesives will prove to be one of the most effective measures for reducing injury. Here are a few reasons why anti slip adhesives are a must in any environment:

  1. Simple to Install
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Resistant to Chemicals & Water
  4. Applicable Outdoors
  5. Create Anti Slip Surfaces
  6. Durable, Long Lasting Applications
  7. Meet Safety Requirements

Whether you need to fortify a pool area, boat, marina, manufacturing facility, or a consumer-oriented business, anti slip adhesives come in different grades with varying qualities to ensure easy, effective application. Before implementation, be certain to evaluate the area to identify trouble spots and damage for reliable results.

What Are Your Options?
A number of unexpected conditions create a slick surface including outside weather, unnoticed spills, and poorly maintained work areas. Anti slip adhesives counteract these conditions to ensure safety as they go unnoticed or in between maintenance times. For example, someone spills coffee while walking out of the break room and another person slips when walking in. This small spill will result in a costly injury; however, if anti slip adhesives were placed on each side of the door, then the chance of harm would be far less. Anti slip adhesives come in a number of grades and colors including:

  • Black
  • Clear
  • Striped
  • Solid Colors
  • Photoluminescent
  • Industrial Grade
  • Commercial Grade

Finding treads or tapes to work for a specific scenario is easy regardless of the safety need. Anti slip adhesives may be used to deliver increased protection from sliding on any surface as a mat, tread or even tape is better than the bare floor.

A sticky backside delivers easy, pressure application and the topside contains a gritty surface or other material to deliver traction to counteract wet or slick shoes. As an individual walks across these safety items, they grip to their shoes to prevent injury. Application only takes a few seconds and their durability ensures protection for an extended period of time. At Jessup MFG, we offer a large variety of anti slip adhesives for your safety requirements and will help you in choosing the most suitable option. Contact us today!

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