Alcohol Beverage Advertising Idea

9If you have been following the news on alcohol sales, people purchasing alcoholic beverages are at an all time high all over the world, especially with liquor bottles. Right now, liquor sales are the leading type of alcohol purchase, but if you dig into sales of alcoholic beverages over the last couple of decades, you will find that the masses of consumers are quite fickle. Just in the last decade alone, wine, followed by beer, and now more recently liquor have all had their high times and chart toppers. In addition, and as it pertains to liquor sales, in the last ten years, tequila held the top spot for most liquor sales, then vodka for quite some time, and now it is rum and whiskey that are neck and neck. The reason why it is important to point this out is because the majority of alcoholic beverages are purchased by younger generations, between the ages of 21-45. If you are a marketing executive or a member of an advertising agency, then you should be jumping for joy at the moment because young people love, follow, and live by trends. What does that mean for marketing agencies and advertising reps? It means that if you can come up with the next attention grabbing advertising idea, then you will be setting the next trend in alcohol beverage popularity.

All you have to do is create the best alcohol beverage advertising idea, and the world is your oyster. If only it were that easy. Seriously though, you know what you need to do, but the tough part is creating an advertisement that will appeal to the masses. For every Dos Equis “The Most Interesting Man in the World” advertisement, there are countless marketing ploys that have failed miserably and fallen by the wayside. You need to think outside the box and deliver an advertising idea that absolutely kills. An idea could be right in front of your nose, well it is about to be. You see, alcoholic beverages are associated with parties, bars, vacations, beaches, and outdoor festivities. What do all of the venues have in common? A lot of people gathered in one area. So why not take advantage of all these people collectively celebrating or enjoying whatever it is that they are finding enticing at the time and advertise right then and there? You can accomplish this feat by using street / sidewalk graphic art designs created by Asphalt Art.

Asphalt Art is a unique floor decal application that can be printed on with graphic images of any nature, depending on what the client wants. The application is made with a specialized adhesive backing so that the graphic design image anywhere you want around your event, whether it be the floor, ground, wall, stairs, or ceiling, indoor or outdoor. What’s more, these unbelievable graphic art images are colorful, vibrant, lifelike, (graphic art by Asphalt Art can be designed and printed three dimensionally), and visually sensational.

To get your alcohol beverage advertising idea off and running, contact Asphalt Art. An Asphalt Art professional will help you get the brainstorming starting by explaining how floor / ground graphic art works, and how you can best take advantage of its surreal imagery.

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