Take your Advertising in a new Direction for 2014

2014 advertisingIt is 2014 – a new year, and new opportunities. Many companies see the new year as a time when new methods of advertising should be approached and examined, as what may or might not have worked in 2013 is in the past, and people love new ideas and advertisements rolled into one. Soon, when the United States finally finishes with this crazy cold winter weather that has hit as far south as Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, companies, entrepreneurs, and event planners will start holding social gatherings once again, with many of these gatherings taking place outdoors. So, this year, if you happen to be an advertising executive or prominent marketing company, what are you going to do differently? While you ponder the answer to that question, one thing is for certain – it is time to take your advertising in a new direction for 2014.

One idea that is quickly gaining in popularity, but has not gone full on mainstream as of yet, is using ground art of floor AABlogImageadvertisements for events. The idea is actually quite brilliant. There are companies, such as Asphalt Art, that will design and create a digital image of virtually anything a customer wants on the computer aided design (CAD) software of the company’s choice, and then print out that image in any shape and size the client desires. The digital logo print out will have adhesive backing so the customer can place it on the floor, ground, or wall of any indoor or outdoor setting of his or her choosing. If the explanation of this awesome and innovative concept has not piqued your interest, then we encourage you to visit the website of Asphalt Art. On the website, you will see examples of incredibly detailed and vibrant sidewalk, wall, floor, and ground art that look completely real, or like it was drawn onto the medium by Michelangelo himself. Images can be designed and printed three dimensionally, giving the artwork a more lifelike feel.

As previously mentioned, the Asphalt Art website will provide tons of examples of their digitally created artwork, and how it looks on all different types of backing. Your next step is to decide what type of advertising logo you need. This is based on whether you digitally rendered print out logo will be indoors or outdoors, if it will have to endure heavy foot traffic, perhaps even vehicle traffic, and if it is going to be near or around wet surfaces. Fortunately, Asphalt Art has digital graphic products that can be built specifically for any of these intangibles.

The next step you need to take is to contact Asphalt Art, and learn more about their most excellent digital street graphics. Break into the new year with a fresh advertising idea that will surely wow all of those in attendance, and having your event become the talk of the town. An Asphalt Art representative will happily answer all of the questions you have regarding our innovative product.

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