Effective Advertising Strategy for Concerts

asphalt artAs we approach another fun filled summer, one of the most enjoyable activities to look forward to is attending summer concerts. Most bands and musicians go on tour during the summertime, because it is the best time to take advantage of people wanting to spend warm evenings hanging out with close friends, being around people, and listening to some entertaining music. In fact, more concerts are attending during the summer than the other three seasons combined. Why? Well for one, school is out for summer! Most college and high school students spend the money they make from their summer jobs traveling to see their favorite bands as much as they can. From a marketing standpoint, this fact that so many people enjoy attending concerts, especially during the summer time, should be viewed as a gold mine for implementing effective advertising strategies. A lot of the legwork has already been completed, as you can easily figure out the type of demographic that will attend each concert based merely on the musician. Okay, maybe it isn’t that easy, but the band or musician playing will provide a solid foundation of the demographic that will be attending the concert, and your advertising agency can create its effective advertising strategy accordingly.

After coming to a conclusion of what the demographic will be for the concert your marketing agency is targeting, the next part is to figure out what kind of effective advertising strategy you wish to use. Passing out fliers? Unless you want to be blamed for the insane amount of littering that will take place, we suggest you pass on that lame idea. No one wants to hold a flier during a concert, never mind actually reading the flier. If you approach someone at a summer concert, it better be with a nice refreshing beverage, and not a silly flier. How about your advertising agency think outside the box and use floor graphic art, provided by Asphalt Art? Most people, especially young men and women who make up the majority of individuals who attend concerts, especially over the summer, are especially appreciative of unique graphic designs and imagery, which plays right into what Asphalt Art can offer your marketing agency.

Floor graphic art involves the designing of an image on specialized software, and once the image has been created to the liking of the client, will be printed out on an adhesive backing that will stick to almost any type of floor, ground, and surface. The image can be printed at any size and shape, so the only limit to the design is the customer’s own imagination. Once the image is placed in the concert area designated by the advertising agency, you can sit back and watch the mass of onlookers gawking at one of the coolest images they have ever laid eyes on. You can bet that those people at the concert will be thinking and talking about that image the next day.

Reach out to Asphalt Art, and allow one of their professionals to assist you with your next effective advertising strategy for a concert.

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