What Are Peel and Stick Non Slip Adhesives?

peel-and-stick-adhesivesPeel and stick non slip adhesives are common attributes added to the commercial products you see everyday. Band-Aids, sticky notes, tiles, wallpaper, frame hangers, and additional items all use this form of bonding. The same can be said for mats or treads applied to increase safety in these facility areas:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Loading Ramps
  • Marine Areas
  • Vehicles
  • Offices
  • Stores

Safety products used in the above listed areas often consist of some type of formulated peel and stick non slip adhesive. Bonding materials vary depending on the type of substrate used, surface for adherence, and the required strength or durability. In general, the adhesives consist of one or multiple materials to create a bonding quality for long-term adherence to floors or alternative surface areas requiring increased safety.

How Do They Work?
Peel and stick non slip adhesives are typically created by a manufacturer with special technologies who has years of experience in this area of development. While some facilities choose to take this project on themselves, many turn to a professional due to lack of required equipment or experience to achieve lower costs. Additionally, the process of creating these bonding materials requires special knowledge about chemical formulas to create specific adhesion qualities. It also requires a certain amount of experience regarding substrates or surfaces in correlation with the actual adhesive.

It is for this reason that most companies, whether commercial or industrial, choose an expert to help them add this quality to their processes or product. Peel and stick non slip adhesive application involves the use of specialized equipment as well as formulas to ensure dependable bonding between materials. These adhesives are applied to a surface as bonding is needed or will contain a backing to protect the material for later application.

In the case of peel and stick non slip adhesives, they often come in the form of a tread, mat, or other material designed to provide additional traction for avoiding a fall. The adhesion material is protected with a type of paper or material to ensure dependable bonding. This material is then removed to apply the required amount of pressure for adhering to the required surface. When the adhesive comes in contact with the surface, the materials used to create it are actually altered to provide the needed bonding quality for delivering long-term, dependable adhesion.

This is only one example as other application methods are also used for non slip products. In areas such as safety, peel and stick non slip adhesives have a number of applications including:

  • Treads
  • Tapes
  • Mats
  • Signing
  • Laminates
  • Films

A large part of the development process involves making certain that the required durability or adhesion properties are provided for the application surface. Manufacturers who create these materials use specially formulated chemicals and materials to deliver the right amount of adhesion for their own products as well as customers. At Jessup MFG, we have been developing peel and stick non slip adhesives for over fifty years. If you are seeking to fulfill specific safety needs, we can help by offering several adhesive options. Contact us today to learn more about our safety products or customization options.

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