9" x 33" Blood Red Sheets Jessup® Griptape Colors (20 pack)

  • Jessup® Griptape Colors 9" x 33" Sheets (20 pack)
  • Blood Red Easy to trim and conform to any deck
  • Can be cut into desired shapes to show your unique style
  • Perfect amount of grip, won't tear up shoes
  • Nail all your tricks with rock solid bonding to all deck surfaces
  • Used by skaters the world over, Jessup® Griptape colors provides skateboarders with maximum grip for ultimate riding control in the skate park or on the street
  • Made in the U.S.A.
More Information
Series Name Jessup® Griptape Colors
Certifications NFSI Certified For High Traction
Brand Jessup® Griptape Colors
Disable NFSI Compliance No
Jessup® Griptape Colors brings the fun back to skateboarding with its mind-blowing assortment of custom colored grip tape. No longer do you have to settle for plain, boring, black grip tape. From camo to fluorescents, Jessup® Griptape Colors has a color that represents your style while offering superior grip performance and quality construction. Custom sizes and die cuts are available upon request. Jessup® Griptape Colors Blood Red comes packaged as twenty 9"x33" sheets. Made in the U.S.A.
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Jessup® ULTRA NBD is the never been done collab - combining at least 33% Nike Grind rubber from recycled footwear manufacturing scrap with Jessup's advanced griptape technology.

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