Brick & Mortar Retailers can Improve Shopper Experience with 3D Floor Graphics

3D floor graphicFloor Graphics are a powerful, unique, and innovative form of print advertising that have gained popularity marketers and advertisers, as well as one segment of their target audience – brick and mortar retailers – just recently. Three dimensional, or 3D, floor graphics are an enhancement over the regular floor graphic print out that will give a floor graphic a more realistic and lifelike look, that many shoppers may find so much more appealing. Brick and mortar stores that need help improving the promotion of certain products can improve the shopping experience of their customers with the utilization of 3D floor graphics.

When walking through a brick and mortar retail store, it is natural for customers to browse through aisles and kiosks. When a potential customer comes across a colorful and vibrant image that is not a normal thing to see when shopping, the image will naturally catch the eye. It is also likely that the image will draw the customer in closely examining what he or she is viewing. This, in turn, is giving the brand you chose to promote through the use of 3D floor graphics prime focus and attention that will no doubt allure the customer to the product.

With a wide range of locations for brick and mortar retail stores, including shopping malls, strip malls, airports, recreation centers and large gymnasiums, even large corporate offices, the possibilities for 3D floor graphics to improve the shopper experience are truly endless. The 3D graphics are limited only by your imagination and creativity. The 3D effect for floor graphics printing is becoming one of the most popular design techniques being frequently adopted by advertising and marketing companies, and being chosen by brick and mortar retailers to improve the shopping experience of their customers. Popularized by graffiti artists, who literally use any type of medium to project a marvelous display of art, this style of 3D artwork has been adopted to floor graphics, allowing for a truly memorable advertising experience. Your product image in the form of a 3D floor graphic literally pops and immediately differentiates itself from all other types of advertisements throughout the brick and mortar retail stores, making a first impression that would be quite hard to forget.

The majority of all 3D floor graphics are produced on adhesive backed vinyl, usually with a laminate around it for maximum vibrancy and protection from traffic, as well as wear and tear. Most 3D floor graphics can be expected to last a minimum of six months, and for as long as a year, depending on the degree of foot traffic and its location (environmental conditions). In addition, there are non-skid finishing techniques available for 3D floor graphics that will allow you to combine safety, durability, and high quality printing to your advertisement.

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