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More Sustainability and Safety at Less Cost

Exit signs made of photoluminescent material are the most eco-friendly, sustainable exit signs available. Unlike electric signs, they don’t consume any energy and require no maintenance. Unlike tritium signs, they are completely safe to handle and don't require NRC reporting. Institutions should use UL924 listed signs that meet building and fire codes.

Better for the Environment and Maintenance Budget than Electric Exit Signs

Electric exit signs constantly draw electricity to be visible. If the lights ever go out, they rely on a backup battery pack in order to work. Both the electricity and the battery pack have a negative impact on the environment that can be eliminated by switching to photoluminescent exit signs.

Electric signs require complicated wiring, labor-intensive installation, and regular maintenance. Regular maintenance includes the draining and recharging of backup batteries and the replacement of burned out bulbs. Photoluminescent signs don’t require any of that. They can be installed in a matter of minutes. Once the installer verifies that enough light is hitting the sign, photoluminescent exit signs can function maintenance free and without any additional energy for 25 years or more. That equates to major energy savings over electric signs and even more significant cost savings on maintenance labor and parts.

Photoluminescent exit signs provide another important benefit to the institution: no citations by the Fire Marshal for non-working electric exit signs. This is an easy way to enhance the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Better for Human Safety, the Environment, and Administration than Tritium Signs

Tritium exit signs are another alternative to electric signs that don’t require an energy source. Tritium is the radioactive form of hydrogen. The tritium in exit signs is man-made and combined with other chemicals to create a continuous, self-powering light source.

The big problem with tritium exit signs is the hazard that they present to people. If a tritium sign were to fall down and break, high levels of tritium would be released and could have harmful effects on anyone in the nearby area. For this reason, the EPA has strict guidelines and regulations for the use of tritium signs, including reporting to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

When tritium signs need to be replaced, they can’t simply be thrown in the trash. They need to be properly removed and placed in a waste repository for radioactive materials managed by a licensee of the NRC. Improper disposal can result in contamination of the immediate area, evacuation anyone nearby, and an expensive cleanup process.

Many universities and colleges are trying to break the cycle of using tritium exit signs. One college in New England decided to replace all their tritium signs with photoluminescent exit signs to eliminate all radioactive materials from its dorms, classrooms, administration buildings, and recreational facilities. Their program has so far replaced over one thousand signs to make a greener campus and to reduce building maintenance.

Code Compliant Photoluminescent Exit Sign, Visible at 100 Feet

None of these problems of electric and tritium exit signs exist with photoluminescent exit signs. The material used to create the glow of photoluminescent exit signs is man-made, but it is completely non-toxic. Photoluminescent signs are safe to touch and handle, even if they break or become damaged. When the time comes to dispose of a photoluminescent sign, it is 100% recyclable.

Only a very few photoluminescent exit signs meet the most stringent building and fire codes and standards. One of them is the Glo Brite® PF100 photoluminescent exit sign that is UL924 listed for all light sources, including LED. The PF100 is visible at 100 feet, so it is more economical for the very long hallways found in educational buildings. Because it can be charged with LED light, it is perfectly compatible with the most modern, sustainable buildings on campus. To find out more about the benefits of the PF100 and other Glo Brite® photoluminescent signs manufactured by Jessup Manufacturing, call 1-888- 711-7735 or describe your project below.

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