Make Parking Garage Advertising Easy with Asphalt Art

Mosaic ApplicationWhen companies that are desiring methods of advertising to boost brand recognition begin constructing ways to improve its marketing campaign open its collective minds to the idea of advertising in not so conventional locations, these companies will come to realize monumental benefits to thinking outside the box. For example, what do outdoor concerts, music festivals, and sporting events all have in common? First, the crowd attending the event will be large, possibly in the tens of thousands, depending on the event. Second, The possible tens of thousands of people coming to an event are going to have to park their vehicles somewhere, most of whom opt for parking garages. Both advertising agencies and clients should not underestimate one of the most traditional and enjoyable aspects of attending outdoor events, and it takes place well before the event even starts – tailgating, which is also known as the pre game. Tailgating happens when the majority of attendees arrive at the arena/event early to socialize with other patrons, which always involves eating tons of food and drinking beverages. Many of these people will walk form one tailgate set up to the next, meeting up with friends and partying it up, getting themselves ramped up and prepped before game time, or the show – depending on the type of event one is attending. Almost all of these pre game events take place in parking lots and/or parking garages. Therefore, the companies and people who are in charge of, own, or coordinate the event should take advantage of the pre game rituals and commence a parking garage advertising campaign.

A parking garage advertising campaign can be developed much easier than you might initially think. Parking garages are large, making for ample room to present an advertising display. The use of wall or ground graphics for your marketing tool, placed throughout a parking garage, will take up no space and will still be seen by everyone in attendance. In addition, ground graphics can endure both foot and vehicular traffic what will continually cross over the design ads throughout the day, without sustaining any unsightly blemishes, tears, fading, or any negative affectations. Moreover, if the event takes place for an extended period of time, ground graphics – with an added protective laminate – can withstand several weeks of traffic and inclement weather.

Businesses and clients who have implemented ground graphics throughout parking garages to advertise during a large event have experienced great success, and an excellent return on investment. By process of elimination, you can imagine the difficulties and inabilities of other marketing tools to successfully advertise in a parking garage, such as billboards (not enough space) handing out fliers (stale concept that usually ends up in the trash or used as a makeshift napkin), and posters (easily torn and do not hold up well in bad weather). However, when using ground graphics to advertise in a parking garage, you are implementing an effective method that catches the eyes of the beholder, takes up zero space, and can withstand touching, foot and vehicular traffic, and bad weather.

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