What is Safety Marking Tape?

Safety tapes have become a common application in a number of locations including industrial facilities, stores, offices, and residential areas. The reason for their application is simple, to warn individuals of a potential or existing hazard within a location. A good example is using the striped black and yellow adhesive to mark a landing area […]

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Why Are Floor Safety Adhesives Important?

Slips and falls account for a large portion of harmful injuries at home, work, and in commercial buildings. While not every incident results in high costs or long-term harm, it only takes one to wreak havoc on a family member or your business. Whether you maintain a residential facility, manage a factory, or simply need […]

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Anti Slip Adhesives: A Simple Solution for Increasing Traction

Anti slip adhesives have abundant possibilities when it comes to preventing a fall whether you need to prevent the dog from sliding on the kitchen floor, increase pool safety, or must protect customers. These products are designed to deliver traction as a surface becomes slick due to water or another unexpected condition. A good example […]

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Need Reliable Safety Applications for Wet Surfaces?

If you have ever lost your footing due to an unnoticed spill or tracking from outside, then it is easy to see why safety applications for wet surfaces are important. It only takes a few seconds for a slip or fall to result in serious injury. This is especially true if occurring on stairs, around […]

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Floor Safety for Wet Locations: Assess, Repair, Fortify, and Maintain

Surfaces subjected to frequent spills, extensive foot traffic from the outside, or residing in a wet environment has a high risk of injury. Floor safety for wet locations is essential whether you operate a business or need to prevent accidents at home. Wet locations such as bathrooms, entrances, and kitchens are open invites for a […]

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Peel and Stick Grip Tape is Suitable for Meeting Various Adhesion Needs

Peel and stick grip tape is often associated with the deck of a skateboard or for fortifying a hockey stick, but in reality it has far more purposes with one of the most important being work safety. While it is true that grip tape may be used to cut designs or completely cover a skateboard, […]

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Slip Resistant Adhesives: Are You Playing It Safe?

Sliding on a wet surface or loosing your footing is a dangerous event that is capable of extensive injury. If you run a business, residential care center, industrial plant, or other type of environment where these dangers are frequently present, then it is necessary to take the appropriate steps for avoiding a serious injury. Slip […]

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Slip Resistant Tapes: An Easy Building Safety Solution

If you own a commercial, manufacturing, office, or alternative structure, it is a primary responsibility to take the necessary actions to prevent slips or falls. These accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries within and outside of a structure. While some result from an individual’s carelessness, many are actually the fault of poor safety […]

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USS Mahan Installation 8-14

Wet Area Floor Safety: A Little Attention Goes a Long Way

Wet area floor safety measures are essential in or around work places, commercial facilities, and even at home. A surface will occasionally become wet, even if you do everything possible to keep it dry because spills happen unexpectedly and it is easy to transition water from outside to inside. A wet floor is dangerous even […]

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What Are Peel and Stick Non Slip Adhesives?

Peel and stick non slip adhesives are common attributes added to the commercial products you see everyday. Band-Aids, sticky notes, tiles, wallpaper, frame hangers, and additional items all use this form of bonding. The same can be said for mats or treads applied to increase safety in these facility areas: Industrial Plants Kitchen Areas Bathrooms […]

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