Finding the Best Non Slip Products for your Business

Maximizing the safety of a business’ workplace is of extreme importance when business owners are choosing safety products to be installed. One of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace involves workers slipping and falling, often caused by a surface that, for some reason, became slippery. Although it might initially seem like a casual […]

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What are the Challenges Facing US Manufacturing Today?

Although manufacturing in the United States has seen an upswing in the last couple of years, challenges remain that could prevent a complete reversal of fortune in American manufacturing. The following will discuss some of the challenges still facing United States manufacturing today. The Reduction of Skilled Workers and Suppliers: The number of skilled workers […]

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Save Money with Power Free Exit Signs

For decades, building owners have hoped and looked for ways to reduce overhead cost and save money when it came to installing exit signs throughout their building, but always maintained the standard that the most important element is ensuring optimal safety standards. Unfortunately, for so long that meant with putting up with slightly better than […]

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Updating Building Safety with Photoluminescent Products

Having the best emergency and safety egress products installed throughout your building is an absolute imperative for the assurance of complete building safety. Emergency safety and egress products have evolved, and today, new, innovative, state of the art emergency safety and egress products are available that completely trump previous building protection product models. Far too […]

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Making Workers Safer with Industrial Safety Products

Industrial organizations understand the importance of having workers willing to exert physical energy day in and day out in the workplace. These organizations value the willingness of these workers to place themselves at potential risk when operating heavy and / or difficult machinery, moving heavy objects, and working in unsavory conditions that could lead to […]

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floor safety tape

What are the Different Types of Floor Safety Tapes?

Business owners, office managers, and executive decision makers need to know how to take the necessary steps to ensure employees are safe in the workplace. Industrial organizations with workspaces that put members of its labor force at potential risk, due to surrounding mechanisms and conditions that pose a threat to someone’s overall well being, should […]

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Is Film Coating the same as Spin Coating?

To help the reader get a better understanding of what film coating and spin coating are, and to help determine whether both coating methods are essentially the same in function, this blog will define both coating systems to see what relevance and similarities, if any, are evident. Spin coating is a type of coating procedure […]

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industrial coating companies

What do Industrial Coating Companies do?

Certain types of businesses that offer coating services to enhance industrial parts, metals, components, and materials are providing industrial organizations a specialized method to enhance products. Companies that offer industrial coating options to its customers, such as Jessup Manufacturing, aim to remain at the forefront regarding specialized services by studying and outfitting its operations with […]

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made in usa

Is U.S. Manufacturing Headed for a Recovery?

Optimists believe that manufacturing in the United States is starting to make a comeback, and is poised for even bigger gains in the coming years. Driven by more competitive labor and energy costs, and the desire of manufacturing companies to produce goods closer to their customers, the number of factory jobs is rising after plunging […]

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knife coating

What are the Types of Fabric Coating Processes?

If you are a habitual reader of the Jessup Manufacturing blog page, then you are likely familiar with the concept of fabric coating, and why this type of service is important for your fabrics. What you might not know is that several fabric coating processes exist. The following will explain some of the fabric coating […]

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