non slip safety products

Finding the Right Non Slip Safety Solutions

Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities are places where working conditions are always a step away from potentially explosive situations. To combat concerns regarding workplace safety and implementing solutions that keep workers safe, the owners and managers of these types of facilities are always looking for the best safety methods available. Preventing worker related accidents, or, […]

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us manufacturing

What are the Biggest Obstacles Facing US Manufacturing?

American manufacturing has seen its share of bright sides recently, but still faces several obstacles that must be overcome before it gains consistent traction. Many obstacles constantly seem to get in the way of U.S. manufacturing prosperity, most notably the most recent rash of factory closings, labor disputes, and loss of American jobs stemming because […]

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glow in the dark emergency exit sign

How Can an Emergency Exit Sign Perform Without Power?

Once upon a time, before serious advances were made in the area of technology and natural power, every type of building, structure, facility, and complex relied solely on exit signs and other types of emergency safety products that needed electric power. To say this type of egress signage functionality is a gross waste of resources […]

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photoluminescent pigments

What Type of Products can be made with Photoluminescent Pigments?

Over the last couple of years, with the proliferation of information regarding its benefits and advantages, many more people have become familiar with photoluminescent products, also known as glow in the dark products. As you probably already know, especially if you follow this blog, photoluminescence works when the technology in the material absorbs the energy […]

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industrial floor safety

Improving Industrial Safety for Workers

Building owners, industrial facility managers, and manufacturing plant overseers all share a similar concern – accidents that can happen in their location that comes from a slip and fall due to poor traction and / or slippery surfaces. Many of the employee and occupant lawsuits filed against industrial and manufacturing businesses, as well as building […]

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Floor safety markers

A Secret Tip for Making Floors Safer – Anti Slip Safety Tape

When working in industrial manufacturing plants, or in facilities where workers are handling complex equipment, heavy machinery, and electronic devices, many hazards are present that place workers in jeopardy. One of the dangers to working in the recently described scenario is slipping and falling, due to a slippery floor with poor traction. Because workers are […]

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laminating process

Is There More than one Type of Laminating Process?

Before we get into a debate on the types of laminating processes available, the following is a brief refresher course on how to accurately define industrial laminating: It is the process where two or more substrates are desired to become joined together through the manipulation and molding of a bonding agent. The substrates can be […]

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industrial coatings

What are the Typical Industrial Coatings?

Industrial coating is the adhering of a topical coating solution that forms, or molds around a substrate in order to enhance, protect, strengthen, and/or revitalize the substrate. In addition, the application of industrial coatings can make the substrate more durable, more rigid or flexible – depending on the need or preference of the client – […]

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energy boom

Can the Energy Boom Heal US Manufacturing Woes?

Employment in manufacturing related to the development of energy is estimated to increase by more than one percent United States, every year, through 2020. It is determined that over seventy percent of these energy intensive manufacturing jobs will be employed in metropolitan areas. This information is according to a recently released report. Why will so […]

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contract manufacturing

What to Look for in a Contract Manufacturer

In the world of industrial manufacturing, the idea behind contract manufacturing involves two or more entities entering a mutually agreed on contract to solicit components and products, from one or more parties, for a price. A contract ensures that all parties involve agree on a binding contract, which cannot be broken and will hold up […]

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